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    Discuss: Which section in bengal spider you are using the most?

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Which section in bengal spider you are using the most?'.
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    Hello Krishna,
    You have created a nice thread to know which section a member used most. In my view I like to post in Resource Section of Bengal Spider. Because it will help you to approve your Google Adsense Account and it also helps to increase your points and cash credits. So I like the Resource Section of Bengal Spider.


    Ardhendu Narayan Rout

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    Hello Krishna Basu and Ardhendu Narayan Rout

    I would like to agree to what Mr. Rout has said about posting in the resource sections. As active members look forward to earn from this site as well as learning they tend to use the resources section most which provides a clear means to earning as Mr. Rout has already explained. And nowadays the lucrative offers by the Webmasters such as profit sharing also makes the resource section much more beneficial so I think that is the most used section of this site just what the poll results confirm.

    I myself use the resource section most just a little more than the forums but regrettably I am a semi active member as I do not get so much time to be active on Bengalspider due to my other engagements. However I try to contribute as much as I can and wish all the success to those who contribute to this site and are active on a regular basis.


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    Hello Ardhendu Narayan and Bhaswar Mukhopadhyay,

    Thank you so much for your valuable comments. I'm using the resource section in Bengal spider the most. I usually spend my time to write in the resource section. I give my second preference for the forum section. Even though there are so many sections in Bengal spider, I like to post more in resource section and forum section. But i tried almost all section in Bengal spider. The Bengal spider is giving partnership share for the active members in the website, which is calculated on the basis of points scored in resource resource section, I started posting in the resource section. Another thing is that the resource section makes earnings and learning at a time. Its really a good section for knowing new things related to Bengal.

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    Hello Mr Krishna Basu,

    I have a personal interest in posting in the forum of this website. I do it not for money as I like to response to the forum threads and you will find my response to most of the threads of Bengal Spider.
    In my personal opinion I think one should response to the forum as responding here can give you some knowledge about the state and what is happening in state.

    I am also interested in the resource section of this website, but the resource section I just use to earn some money.

    Thank You,
    Ankit Patwari.

    Ankit Patwari

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    Hello Mr Krishna Basu,

    A very nice topic started by you to measure the importance of various sections. Though I personally contribute towards resource section, but there is a difference in using a section and contributing in a section, (if you note and understand the difference of words). Though at nay time I can see around 30 active members but not all of them are contributing in the resource section.

    They might be contributing, which I don't know. Also might or might not be using resources or forum section. But what ever may be the case, resource section is the section which brings most of the revenue and members are also motivated to contribute in that section by giving them cash credits and revenue share.


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    Hello Krishna Basu,

    I am making the most of the Resource section of BengalSpider. And this is not only the case of BengalSpider. I post in a number of sites and everywhere I give emphasis to the resource section of the respective website. This is because the resources section is the most important section of all websites. Search engines like Googlebot gives particular importance to the resources section. So if you post in the resources section not only you get good cash credits, you can get good adsense revenue as well. Another thing is that, for getting partnership share from any site you require to get at least half of your total points from the resources section of that website. So posting in the resources section has multiple benefits. In a larger scale, it not only benefits the member concerned but at the same time increases the traffic and the revenue potential of the website concerned as well. So if the website is going to earn more, and you can manage to get some valid points and become eligible for the partnership share, you earn more too!

    So I think posting in the resource section is more beneficial and I request others to do the same as well.

    Kumaraditya Sarkar

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