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    Age for senior citizenship has been decreased

    In the economical budget 2011 Mr. Pranab Mukhopadhyay has announced that the age for considering a person a senior citizen of India is changed from 65 years to 60 years. What's your take on this? welcome or not necessary?
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    Hello Mr Bhaswar Mukhopadyay,

    This is a nice topic posted by you in the Bengal Spider forum.

    The age is reduced by Mr Pranab Mukherjee seeing some important facts only. I am with this decision and I totally support it. In the age of 60 some people are really unable to do the jobs which the young people can do. They have got knee pains, head ache, shoulder pains and many kinds of other problems in their life and they lead their life with lots of complications unlike us. SO some services they need and the services given to them at the age of 60 is very much beneficial for them. I hope all the senior citizens who turned 6 this year will be very happy and will enjoy there special services.

    Senior citizens should be respected and taken care of as we should not forget it that once when we were kids those seniors only cared for us and when we will go to that age we also need that kind of help and services from the upcoming generation.

    Thank You,
    Ankit Patwari.

    Ankit Patwari

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    Hello Ankit

    Thanks for the lovely response and you are quite right in your thinking that people do tend to become unable to do specially tasks requiring heavy labor.

    Let me add a fact to the discussion that the official age of retirement by the government of India is 60 years. So that can be considered as the standard retiring age for people throughout India. Now once you have retired you start facing many problems and issues which can be dealt with a little by the senior citizen schemes by the government. So, instead of waiting 5 years after retiring now those people can directly avail what they deserve and strive to secure a future for them.

    That is why I welcome this decision and encourage more such steps in interest of common people. I believe these tiny steps will one day make India a better place to live.


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    Hello Mr Bhaswar,

    This is really a nice point added by you, and I really agree with you and this point. The do not need to wait for five more long years after there retirement to avail the schemes offered by the government to the senior citizens.

    I hope this will obviously help up in making the life of those people easier in a way and these senior citizens will get the exact respect which they actually deserve from the nation.

    Thanks a lot Mr Bhaswar for sharing such a nice topic in Forum of Bengal Spider and it is really lovely to respond in such kind of topics.

    Thank you again,
    Ankit Patwari.

    Ankit Patwari

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    Hi Bhaswar,
    Thanks a lot for posting this into the forum. I am really not aware of the fact. I think Saswati's point is very convenient with this issue. Government is trying to do something for them, but what about us? Is there any step that can be taken by us? Is it possible for us to do something for senior citizens?


    Debashish Bhattacharya

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    Hello again Ankit and Mr. Debashish Bhattacharya

    Thanks for the lovely responses that you have given and I appreciate your views regarding this issue. Mr. Debashish Bhattacharya I think you are referring to some post or resource outside this thread, in that case it would be kind of you to provide a link to the post/thread so we can check conveniently and express our understanding and opinions. I hope I do not ask too much and if you do not find it too much a bothersome task please do provide a link to the post you mentioned which will help us to discuss the topic in hand better.

    Now it is clear that we who have discussed this thread till now have agreed on the point that this step is welcome and necessary, but was it too hard for the officials at the government to come up with the decision as the age for retirement has been 60 years since long. Though I agree to the saying 'Better late than never' still I would like to know your views about this perspective of the topic.


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