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    Do you think Kolkata will chear for KKR in IPL 4?

    Our dada (Sourav Ganguly ) is not playing in the KKR 11 this year, disappointment all around Kolkata for this. But people of Kolkata love the game in the same passion as they love Dada. Do you think Kolkata will cheer for SRK's team this year?
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    Hi Subhajit,
    I do not others opinion, but from my side highly objectionable the way Sourav is treated. There should have been many ways to drop Sourav with respect. King Khan is not a child. We expect minimum eticate from him, specially when he conveys big emotional messages to common people.

    Debashish Bhattacharya

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    Hello Subhajit;
    You are opening a good thread in this forum section that for Kolkata Night Riders. I am very sad that this time Sourav Ganguly who was the X-captain of Indian Cricket team has not played in this IPL 4. It is a very very sad news for all West Bengal People. But the as Saharukh is the owner of KKR we can not interfere in his decision. But in my view Sahrukh will must suffer for this then he can understand and feel the absence of DADA.


    Ardhendu Narayan Rout

    Editor of Assam

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    Hello Mr Subhajit,

    First of long I would like to say that it is a long time since we had seen your last Forum thread. We can understand being the ediotor of the website you are very busy with your editing job. But still it is really nice to see your forum thread.
    The DLF IPL is a game played mostly for money and Sharukh Khan have no other intention except earning money from the IPL matches. According to him our dada, Sourav Ganguly is not fit for the team and they can not earn the money by paying for sourav ganguly. I hope that Sarukh keeps the business strategies outside the field.
    For winning a game the support of the audience is equally important for a team and I hope that kolkata team gets the required support from the audience.

    Thanks a lot,
    Ankit Patwari.

    Ankit Patwari

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    Thanks everyone for your response. So, our moral support is with Dada (sourav ). I wonder how player like Dravid & Laxman play IPL while Dada is out! I personally think it is a conspiracy against him. These happen when politics enter into cricket.

    Ankit, Yes I am not able to participate for last month it is not due to the Editing work but for some of my personal work. It is for accounts closing work mainly. Hopefully I will participate more now. Thanks.


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    Hello Mr Subhajit,

    It is really nice to see your responses back in Bengal spider as you are one of the most valuable members of this website.

    Thanks a lot,
    Ankit Patwari.

    Ankit Patwari

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    Hello everyone

    I am a big fan of Sourav's and I am really upset with how he has been treated and humiliated. But on a different note if we discuss about just cricket and Kolkata Knight Riders I feel the love or passion for the game will not be less this year also. Demoralized fans will not forsake cricket and they will surely protest against injustice but eden gardens and Kolkata will bot be insulted. The renovated eden gardens is a pleasure itself and cheering for KKR from the stands will be a delightful experience as the name of Kolkata is still tied to the team. SRK should realize he has made a mistake by letting Sourav Ganguly go but Cricket should not pay the price for it.


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