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    Has the point assigning technique in forum been changed lately?

    Today while posting in forum I noticed all my posts were getting 1 points assigned to it by default no matter how good or bad the post was(word count wise and quality wise). I wanted to know if there is a change made in the internal level which is resulting in this situation. Webmasters and editors please answer this query if you can.
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    Hello Mr Bhaswar,

    I am also experiencing the same problem today. I think either there is some problem in the forum section or the webmasters have introduces something new here. May be they will give points to the members in the forum section after taking a look to their responses and cash credits too just like what they do with the resources of Bengal Spider.
    I hope the webmaster as well as the editor will take care of it and tell us the reason behind it.

    Thank You,
    Ankit Patwari.

    Ankit Patwari

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    Now on points in forum will be basted on quality not quantity. Default points based on the length is stopped.
    Now editors or webmasters will give points only to the quality post in forum. This is a new change in the system to avoid giving point to the posts or responses which are not relevant.


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    Thanks for the responses. It is somewhat clear to me now. I hope all the posts are evaluated properly as it can be a hectic job. All the best to the webmasters and editors. If this system is implemented and carried out properly it will benefit the site and will be good for active members who deliver quality content. However I urge seniors to please see to the matter that the evaluations are carried out continually so that no one feels deprived or the system might seem unfair to some new as well as existing members.

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    Thanks a lot for the step taken care by editor and webmaster. Hope this will help us to post in forum more precisely.

    Debashish Bhattacharya

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    Hello Bhaswar Mukhopadhyay,

    Yes you are right. Today when I posted one response in one of the forum threads, I also saw this happening. Though I welcome this change and is a good thing, but I think, it will be an added burden on the Editors who look after all the editing work. So they will have to look into each and every response posted by the members, which is huge task, keeping in mind the size of the site.

    I hope to hear from Editor themselves on the added responsibility and how are they going to deal with it. Subhajit Chatterjee sir, I hope to hear from you on this matter, tough I have read your above response, But my question is related to increased workload arising out of this change that is done.


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    Hi Vimal,
    Yes, it is a hectic job for the editors and the webmasters here but it is not tough. I personally think it is rather easier than resource editing. I want to mention 80% of the editing work is done by Dr. Sanjeev in Bengal Spider. I am new as an editor and trying to give my best. We also required support and suggestions from the valuable members here.


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