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    How to make this forum active - your suggestions here.

    Hello Friends,
    I am observing from starting of this site that this forum is not active upto the required level. Forum is the most important section of any site. As this site is very new thus we can understant the fact behind less activeness of members in this forum. It is my request to members that please try to participate in as much forums as you can. This will make the forum active. You can give your suggestions on the topic How to make this forum active and if you want to write a comments on this forum post, then you are welcomed.

    With Best Regards,
    Sunil Saharan
    Working for an ideal and peaceful society.
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    Hi Sunil,

    The forum can be made more active when more and more members register in the site and start participating in various programs. I am trying to promote the site in every possible place and I want our members to do the same and bring in more members!

    With Regards,
    Ankit Das,

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    Hello Ankit,
    I am completely agree with your opinion but there are some members who are contributing in this forum already, but at present they are not getting good points for their contribution. I haven't seen any rated response in this forum which is a practice in other sister sites. If any user is not getting proper response he/she will not continue. It is a fact. So it is our prime duty to motivate our current members and then we should look for new members.
    One more thing : - At present members are getting one point for posting forum message. This can be edited for good forum for discussion. It will help to increase activeness of members in forum and thus will increase traffic. Ideally you can say point doesn't matters at all, but for new members these matters my friend. So we should consider this.
    Please don't take it negative. It is just a suggestion.
    With best regards,
    Sunil Saharan
    Working for an ideal and peaceful society.


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    Hi Sunil,

    You are absolutely right but you see only me and you have replied in this forum and no other member as the members are not contributing much they should check the forum and reply here so that they could get good points and help the others in their problem but this is not visible here at all, and also good responses will get more points from now on, like yours!

    With Regards,
    Ankit Das,

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    Members have to keep posting information or any news or any questions to the forum sections .By this ,another members will post their response. If no body is posting thread in forum section then their is no issue of making this Forum Active.
    So,Keep posting information in Forum Section.
    Thank You.

    Pankaj Gupta
    Bengal Spider Member

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    Hi Everybody,

    I have just jointed today. While searching through different pages, I found this one also.

    The topic of this page is about the low contribution in this forum and how it can be increased.

    I agree with Sunil Saharan that for new members, points matters a lot. I am really excited to get eleven points today, the very first day of my joining.

    Previously, I had been thinking that it is very difficult to collect points but once I got some points, I became more interested to contribute so that I can get more and more points and reach silver level very soon.

    Therefore, if some good points are allotted for this section, more members will be interested to write over here and the section would become active and lively.

    Although I am new, but I have just wrote what I feel.



    I think, if we introduce

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