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    How can we make Bengal Spider more user friendly?

    Bengal Spider as well as the other sister websites of Spider technologies can be made more user friendly, How do you think it can be done? I know many of you suggest that Bengal Spider is already too much user friendly and no one will face any such kind of problems after he/she joins the website. I do not want to blame them but I want their opinion too.

    Thanks a lot,
    Ankit Patwari.
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    Every day new members are joining in this site but they did not able to understand how to proceed here. 'What to do here?' -this is a big question for them and if they did not able to find out the solution in few seconds they quit forever. 'New member FAQ' is also not highlighted so that new members can found it out easily.

    I feel there should be a separate section for new members or beginners in this site to interact with the webmasters or editors only. Also there should be a guideline like how to proceed. We can make it mandatory to visit these guidelines immediately after a successful registration.

    It can also be like a tutorial section. In case of some computer games when we play for the first time we had to play the tutorial section first. After clearing the tutorial section we can play the main game. Same in this case we can also provide the (optional / compulsory) tutorial section for new members.


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    Thank You Mr Subhajit,

    Your idea is a good one. You can go for it. This change will be good for th website.

    Thank You,
    Ankit Patwari.

    Ankit Patwari

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    I think the problem is that people get confused as soon as they read about ad sense and ad sharing programs. Also some are attracted by reading that they can earn handsome amount of money. They don't know that ad sense account approval is a bit difficult process and that there are many hurdles to cross before approval. I think that beginners should be kept away from these things until they reach a certain level of membership.

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    Hello Yugal,

    You are exactly right. The new members get confused seeing so much things here. But the policies of the website could not be kept away from the members especially the newcomers. If we hide the policies new members will not join this website and have faith on us. Thanks for the nice idea friend.

    Ankit Patwari

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    I feel personally that this website is not user-friendly.Like a novice for me, i cannot make up my mind to start from which section, when i joined here.Since i already had my friend as a member of this site , he helped me.But thinking of me alone, it was tough to to decide.There are many confusing options like the ad-sense , ad-sharing,etc etc.So, people come here for making money as a part-time and for getting many information.So the website could be divided into, like, a money making section and like a information section.
    Then i think that, the website is of a bland color,no offense.You know,when people visit a website,the look of the website is what catches them at first.Like you say "First impression is the best impression".A little more catchy colors and highlighted text could be used so that it catches peoples eye the most.So evne if when others are searching info, their notice can be turned to a specific topic.
    Then i personally feel, that a detailed tutorial section is required which will help laymen(people like me)the most.
    Sorry if said anything wrong.These were just my views.

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    Hello Prince,
    I am very sad by hearing this type of Words from you. You are telling that this website is not an user friendly. But I think this is the site which is more user friendly. You should have read all thinks so that you can get all the information of this site. OK click these to know more about the Site.
    How to write a post
    As you are a new member you can ask your doubts in New members FAQ

    OK, if you have some other problems, you can directly contact me with my G-talk. My id is
    And you are asking about the catchy colors and highlighted text. OK, you know the Wikipedia website? This is the worlds No.1 information site. Do you have seen any catchy colors and highlighted texts? You have not seen this because search engines search the information not the design and layouts. And other thing is the page loading. If we make our website a dynamic then the page loading must be slow according to now. Because this website is built by using basic HTML which a more user friendly language. If we make it dynamic then you have use XHTML or CSS which is very tough and hard to use for a common people. So Bengal Spider is looking for first the user friendly contents.

    And about the ad-sense , ad-sharing. This things you can know from me directly. And about your questions in which section you should post. I think the resource section is one of the best section for posting articles and earn good cash credits and points.

    If you want to know How to use HTML tags then I have a good solution for this. I have written a article about the HTML code in Orissa Spider. You can Follow that for better understanding.
    Click here to see this Article. I hope that article helps you more than any suggestions for adding HTML codes.

    Hope you got all your questions and no need to leave this site.

    Ardhendu Narayan Rout
    Editor of Assam Spider
    Member of Bengal Spider
    Earn Money Join Assam Spider

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    Thank you sir very much.Sir, this is my first-times at using these kinds of websites.Sorry sir.I did not meant any offense.
    Anyway , thanks for helping me out sir.

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    Hello Mr.Subhajit,
    Well i completely agree with u.I have just joined this site and yes am facing a lot of problems trying to understand about "what to do here?" as u have already said.

    I think it will be better for us if we are allowed to be able to interact with the editors or the webmasters directly.

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    Hello Anandita,

    You can contact directly to the editors & webmasters through their Gmail ID. You can find the contact details in their profile. My Gmail ID is You are welcome to contact me for any query. I will try my best to help you.


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    Hello Subhajit,

    Thanks for providing me the details about how i can contact someone.I have already added you in my contact list.I have even sent you a mail.


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    Hello Subhajit,
    I have made this forum thread to discuss on the topic of making Bengal Spider user friendly.
    So we should post here some ways which can help our new members instead of giving them the email ids. We should try to find ways by which our members can be self dependant and they do not need to talk to anyone regarding this matter. This will surely help our new joiners. I hope you understand my point and please do not misunderstand me.
    Thank you,
    Ankit Patwari.

    Ankit Patwari

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    Dear Ankit my intention here is just to help the new member. Regarding making BengalSpider better I think some special presentation will add in this site soon by the webmasters. I think if we take care of individual people they can make better. So, instead of providing guideline only I am trying to reach out every active member personally. It's a team work rather than individual performance.

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    Hello Mr Subhajit,

    This is a nice thing you had told us about the special presentation. I hope this will surely help the new members. One more idea I have is, what say, if we have a special section for the new members for the interaction with the web masters, editors and old members and the conversations, problems, questions and answers to their question can be recorded just as in forums. This will help the new members very easily and without any confusion a member will go that very section and post their problem there. When there is a new member again in this site he may have the same problem and he may refer to that question and answer and this will save time of you people and the new members will also be comfortable with this site as they have to choose just one link to post before starting with the resource or forum sections of this website.

    Thanks a lot,
    I hope you will take this point as an important one.
    Ankit Patwari.

    Ankit Patwari

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    Hello Ankit
    You have really given a very good idea that interaction with the web masters, editors and old members their questions and answers should be recorded in forums.
    This will help us a lot because by reading those articles various common questions will be responded simultaneously.


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    Hello Ritika di,

    Thanks a lot for supporting my new idea. I hope all the new members will be befitted with this new idea of mine and support it.

    Thanks a lot,
    Ankit Patwari.

    Ankit Patwari

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