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    Why people prefer talking in English rather than Bengali?

    In today's world specially the young generation like talking and conversing in English rather than their mother tongue Bengali. They feel to be ashamed if they can not speak fluent English among their friends. This shows that we are loosing our Bengali culture day by day. Bengali is our mother tongue and we must speak in our mother tongue normally. But nowadays we can find that even in homes the children talk in English with their parents. It is good in one sense but we are loosing our culture and Bengali people are famous for their sweetest language. We should not loose this value and we should give importance to our Bengali culture. Members what are your views regarding this?
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    See, for many years we were under Britisher's rule. I have heard somewhere that at the time of partition, a contract was signed between Jawahar Lal Nehru and the Britisher's that we Indians would have to follow English as our primary language. Thus we are following this trend even today. Not only in Bengal but also in all other region of India, we have forgotten our mother tongue. Today china, japan and any other country has its own language to follow but in our country, Hindi being nation's official language, is lagging behind because of 'English'

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    I don't think that we are giving more preference to English than Bengali as you have mentioned. May be in the college campuses or Engineering Colleges or Management Institutes you would find young generation speaking in English, as they try to develop their fluency to speak in English to get through Campus Interviews to get jobs.
    But when you see the various social sites like facebook/orkut/twitter you would find people always like to speak in their Native language though the words are written in English ( Like "Kire Kemon aachis" ), so mother tongue will always be there the sweetest language to communicate.



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    Talking in English is important in some fields of occupation an as we know today's world is very competitive. That is why parents prefer to send their children to English medium schools so they can have an edge in the competition.

    The effect of western culture should also be considered. In movies and other mediums western culture has been highlighted to the young generation and this has made them think that English is 'cool' and Bengali is 'uncool' so they try to live up to the hype. When I see some person same age as mine oblivious to classics in Bengali literature it saddens me.


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    People have changed according to the trend.The trend is that, speaking mother tongue has become like , what can i say , like making you feel smaller than people speaking English.Everyone thinks that speaking English in front of someone makes them far more dignified than those speaking English.
    In my opinion , English can be used where , only it is absolutely necessary. Waking up one day , one cannot quickly type in mother tongue in computer because the standard used is English it is the whites-made.But we should try to use our mother tongue often than using English because otherwise there is no significant difference between us and an English person.We should always keep up our identity.This is my personal opinion , nonetheless.

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    Hi Ankit,

    Be sure the strength that we have in our native language i.e. Bengali cannot be overpowered by English. Due to several socioeconomic factors people are adopting English language. It may help you professionally, but it is the duty of parent to induce mother tongue into their next generation.

    Bye for today,
    Debashish Bhattacharya

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