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    How to delete my Account..

    Hi Sandy,

    Can you please let me know the procedure to delete my account??

    Waiting for your earliest response.

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    Hi sunny,
    why you want to delete your account? Are you copy any article from any site then this is your punishment to restrict post in resource otherwise i don't know.

    subrata ray from bengal

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    Hello, Bengal Spider is very good for knowledge. What made you to leave this website. Are you facing any problem? Feel free to ask. We the members of Bengal Spider will try our best to help you out.

    Thank You,
    Ankit Patwari.

    Ankit Patwari

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    Hello Mr Sunny;
    I want to know why you want to delete your Account. Because Bengal Spider is one of the best site to share your knowledge and the best way to share your ideas. You should not left this site. Because we don't want to loose a good member like you. So sir please no need to delete your account. If you have some other problems you can freely contact me through G-talk. My id is I must help you about this.

    Ardhendu Narayan Rout
    Member of Orissa Spider
    Member of Bengal Spider
    Editor of Assam Spider

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    Hi all,

    Thanks a lot for giving your hands to help me out. But the thing is about my ego. If I have done something wrong, I would have gladly accepted the punishment. But what the webmaster has treated me with that really hurt me a lot. Before posting any resources I have followed many sites but never copied them.

    I have joined Bengalspider so that I can share my knowledge, lean something new as well as earn a little bit. I am not begging here. Alas.. my bad luck.

    Thank god that this has happened with me in the first phase.

    I am really really thankful to all my co-members here. They are really very good. But I am sorry I don't want to continue any more.

    Thanks & Regards,

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    Hello SOuvik
    We have gave you several intimation to post articles in your own words and not to copy and reproduce the same. Still you continued to do the same. We are bound to withdraw your permission from posting resource. If you can come up with self written posts you are always welcome here.

    I dont know how we have treated you badly do you think we should accept all your copied posts here, if yes then we are extremely sorry. You are here to share knowledge and not to transfer knowledge from another site to this site.

    Yes you have followed many sites and copied few lines from each and posted here.


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    Do you really want to delete your account or just want show show your anger for the right steps taken by webmaster. As per WMs response you have been warned several times not to copy, still you did the same.

    There are few members who worked hard for this site and several new members are coming and giving there best efforts, initially many did some mistakes due to ignorance but after proper instructions they are now reputed members. None of them left the site or asked to delete their account as they had some thing to present on their own.

    In your case I think as you are still continuing coping means you have nothing to present on your own, in that case it doesnt matter whether your account is there or not because neither you are going to do any good for the site neither the site will do. And please dont talk about hurting ego or term begging. Yes you are not here for begging, but even you are not allowed to steal, posting copied articles and then to expect anything is like stealing. Be honest and let the site deal with you honestly.

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    Hello everyone,

    Mr Sunny wants to leave this website. I personally feel that we have many advantages if he does so. My previous response say a different thing, but for Mr Sunny only I want to say that. I am very sorry to say that but you do not any idea about the site and its better for both we and you if you delete your account. Kindly do it as soon as possible.

    Honourable web master, Dr Sanjeev,
    Kindly tell the procedure to close the account to Mr Sunny. Why should we stop such a nice thing. Its good for our website.

    Ankit Patwari

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    Yes I agree with Ankit.

    May be Mr Sunny has no clue but let me remind everyone that copied content on this site can affect our post's page rankings hence our posts can be pushed down in the search results due to someone's copied content on the site. That is why I have no sympathies for people who copy paste as directly harms my traffic and revenue.

    Mr Sunny
    I am sure for a fact that WMs will not take such actions if suitable reasons aren't there. In that case I want to tell you if you want to be a part of this family you will have to follow the rules and guidelines. If you don't have what it takes you are welcome to leave. The choice is yours.


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