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    Change in the rule of giving points in the forum section.

    After the change in giving points in the forum section of this website, I cannot find good responses in the threads neither people are interested to respond now. Rather people are posting new threads here in the forum section which does not carry any meaning and the words and lines are not clear. These threads are just polluting the forum section of this website and there should be necessary actions taken against these kind of posts rather giving them points.
    Webmaster kindly take it seriously and solve this problem

    Thank you,
    Ankit Patwari.
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    Hello Ankit;
    I must agree with you that many members are polluting the forum section. But as a member they have the capacity to create any forum. But as you say after the new rule they don't give the response. But Ankit if a member see a topic of his or her interest then he or she can't stop without response the forum. But there a good topic should be created. Then you just see how many members response it. But about the new rule I must appreciate with this because many members used the wrong use of Forum as it was of word wise point. I am happy with the new rule.

    Ardhendu Narayan Rout
    Member of Bengal Spider
    Editor of Assam Spider

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    Even I appreciate it. But previously whatever thread was started only one point was given for it, but now with forum messages are pointed according to quantity. Members are posting anything as a message in forum thus polluting them. We can do a new thing and that is we can give points to message only after editing or on qualitative analysis. This would not lead to pollution of the forum atleast.
    Thank you.

    Ankit Patwari

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    Hello Ankit

    I do not have a solid idea about what is going on in BengalSpider forum right now but I want you to know that my absense from forum activities these days is not related to the changed point assigning system in the forum. Sixth semester exams are knocking on the door and I have couple of weeks left while tackling lab exams, so had to reduce my online activities to allot some time for my studies(which are left neglected always except such times). So I will try to help keep the Bengalspider forum active and maintain the quality of responses and threads when I have a little more time at my disposal.

    I request all the members to co-operate and keep this forum a nice and informative place.


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    Hello Mr Bhaswar,
    I am myself a student and I understand you well. Even I can not spend much time online during exams. I am talking about the non sence threads in the forum. You do not take that upon yourself as in my views you are a valuable member as well as poster of Bengal Spider.
    All the best for your exams. Study well.
    Thank you.

    Ankit Patwari

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    Hi All,

    I felt there should have been a selection procedure for approving membership in forum.

    Debashish Bhattacharya

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    The main forum post we felt is always important as there is a title and content in it, so points now vary. Irrelevant forums and responses will be dealt strictly as we are focusing on quality. It is not wise that a member with good resource getting 20 points and a member with 4-5 irrelevant forum or responses gets the same.

    There are always some pros and cons and we have to do our best for better output and to regain and retain reputation of the site. Once we will be no 1 site for West Bengal, we can proudly say that I am a diamond member or gold member of West Bengal,s best site.

    Debasish, diamonds are always found in coal mines, by implementing selection procedure we may miss some diamonds.


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    Hi Dr. Sanjeev,

    Thanks for your opinion. I agree with you, but I am really annoyed with some response in forum. Specially some people are not caring to review before posting, which may lead us in trouble to build reputation of the site.

    Thanks a lot,

    Debashish Bhattacharya

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    Thanks Dr Sanjeev for this response.
    You mean that if a person responses to a valuable forum thread then he/she will be given better points and if the forum thread is a useless one he will just be given a single point. I think this is a good decision where there is a partiality between the types of posts and so members will now start posting on useful topics rather than posting on useless topics and will try to put a better response. Thus we can maintain the quality of the forums. This is really nice and I appreciate this.

    Thanks you,
    Ankit Patwari.

    Ankit Patwari

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