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    Be aware of invest time with internet bill + electricty bill+ computer derecitation.

    Dearest family member of
    Please calclute your total costing above mentioned ' title', then you show your crazyness regarding this matter. when you will spare Rs. 1000(mentioned above) then you will may earned Rs.300 to 350. Please very it. If you want to judge a important reporter itself, then many site/many media/many newspapper are wating for your exclent reporting.
    Attention member & administrator(so called member by behaviour).
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    Hellow My dear Friend,

    I do not know what made you so angry, but I can provide you free little advice. Try to think about the long term goal, not in short term. Only do the work which you enjoy. Please do not always calculate everything in terms of money.

    I hope your silent work can help much more to you only.

    Anyways try to control your anger.

    Debashish Bhattacharya

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    I earn a handsome amount of money just participating an hour. But the best thing is am kept updated here by the latest topics. Just visit my account and my resources here then you will be able to know. And it is not at all a wastage of time for me. As you can see in my profile I am a student of St Xavier's and there is a huge pressure of studies there but I am in the top 5 of my class.
    Now the decision is yours and stop speaking like that if you do not know anything.

    Ankit Patwari

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    The way you write, I am sure you will be gladly accepted as reporter for renowned newspapers like Times of India, Telegraph or Indian Express. Thanks for sparing this site.

    At least now we dont have to see silly spellings and even editors dont have to put their effort in cleaning your rubbish English.

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    Hi Great Guy,

    Thanks for the great joke. His writing style is not up to date for a local newspaper also.

    Debashish Bhattacharya

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    Dear Sanjeev I think you do not know how to post article in this site and for this reason you find only this forum and you think this is nothing but a chatting site or social network like facebook of twitter.
    Please click on Resource tab at top menu bar then see how many articles are there and you can get so many things or unknown facts which you do not know. So please do not comment like a frog who lived in well.

    subrata ray from bengal

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    Hello Subrata ray

    I think by mistake you have addressed to Sanjeev instead of Sanjib Konar.

    @Sanjib Konar, I don't know what made you to write like this. You are not crazy right. Then why did you join here.

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    Yes shantha by mistake i wrote sanjeev instead of sanjib. You are right that if sanjiv does not like it why does he join here? I think he has no ability to post resource and for this reason he write like this. I think our webmaster should restrict him to post any thing in this site.
    subrata ray from bengal

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    Debsish,Ankit,Subrata SIR..Sir,Shantha
    I don't know what happend previously.But I feel that after read this matter , you are too much angry with goshiping .Why opposition chracter not reply??
    You are one side criticise him , not fair.Please give him to response.

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    There is no use to discuss anything here. Better if we use our time in constructive work. I am locking the thread.

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    When you are try to importance him by gossiping like above printed statement, then you will show that every body , That 4/5 users( ,site) as him as important person.Who are lead the every user of added peroson Like Dr. Dr. Like Dr.Sanjeev.If you read any articale then every user found that the only educated person/Intellectually /Good writer/Too much busy person (whom login-ed 4-5 hrs ur site shows that) Criticisms them.It shows that only 4-5 person above mentiond are only man(sabjanta) most of fack profile? Why you are affried to face real thing !!
    Please say every body your own mission.
    Sorry I protest, please dont suspend me as user,Every body knows that your power .Because you are (4/5 person )master users ,you can manupulate ant thing.Thanks for suspended me.

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