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    Kolkata's election is over- how you feel this election than other election?

    On 27th of april kolkata's election is over and on 3rd march some part of burdwan election. Main fighting is between Nirupam sen and trinamool you feel today on kolkata's vote? I see police arrest 50 persons in kolkata and near about 76 person caste their vote which is less than other phase election- whats your comment?
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    I think there would be a riot on the day of declaration. We had our votes today in burdwan. All the streets were abandoned till 4 pm, after which shops opened up and people started coming out of there homes. I recommend people to stay back at home on 13 may, the day of declaration.

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    Hi Subrata & Yugal,

    For the first time after probably 35 years Left Front is starting as back bencher. This is the high time for change. I do not know about the improvement of West Bengal afterwards, but for sure it is completely a new taste for Bengal people.

    It sounds nice when I hear from outsiders of Bengal that there are many changes in Bengal, obviously positive.

    I want to share with you all a simple fact that our system is not run by politicians, but by Industrialists. The other major factor is surely common middle class people. They are the one and only piller of this system. The change in attitude of young generation has helped a lot for the growth of Bengal, and I believe only this attitude can help Bengal to grow more irrespective of elected government.

    Debashish Bhattacharya

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    Hello everyone

    I do not know how the vote in Burdwan went as I don't belong their and I have reserved myself from news channels these days because of the time issues I am facing due to my exams. However I have first-hand experience about the Kolkata election. It was actually peaceful as I have seen it. Of course I haven't been to all the booths for inspection but in my locality I observed no commotion and the news channels also reported peaceful election as an overall picture. Though the day wasn't a regular one because of the election and anticipation of mishaps, it turned out to be quite uneventful in spite of the possibility of the most eventful change of West Bengal after independence was being constructed that day. Many shops were closed but that didn't dampen our spirits and we even had a nice football match among friends as if the day was a holiday.

    I cannot help mentioning that two election booths were at the two sides of the ground we were playing in and when our ball went out of the border, the army personnel who was standing guard at the nearest booth in his attempt to return the ball to us, actually miskicked it because of the heavy load and huge boots and the ball went flying in the polling booth. It was 4.30 in the afternoon and the election was scheduled to end at 5pm. So my area enjoyed a peaceful election, unfortunately some weren't so lucky but overall picture in Kolkata wasn't very violent.


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