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    Will you continue in BengalSpider if the site stops paying cash to members?

    Don't be afraid by reading this. There is no such type of thinking yet. I just want to know different views of the members here. I am also trying to find out another reason (except cash credit) for continuing in this site. I know money is not everything but it is an important part of our life.
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    Thanks for starting a good subject for discussion. Actually i had joined this site for earning cash only. But due to time and work related concerns i can't contribute more to the the site of Bengalspider. But as when time permits i try to contribute to this site also try to participate in the discussion forums.

    So i am with Bengalspider irrespective whether it pays cash credit or not.


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    Hello Subhajit Ji

    I accept in today's world money is a necessary evil. But as you said it is not everything. We can't buy mental happiness and satisfaction through money. See I am somewhere in Tamilnadu, but I am able to get all the updates about West Bengal and all this is possible through our site, which provides a great platform to put forth our views and knowledge.

    I have seen many sites but they do allow copied contents, and really it would make visitors get irritated on seeing the same piece of information everywhere.

    But here copied contents are not allowed, and when a visitor visits our site, really they would feel some happiness and get some useful unique information provided by our great members.

    So I am proud to be a member of bengalspider and working here gives me great pleasure and I will continue to work here and will do my best, even If I don't get anything. But when you do your best, success will follow you.

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    Hi Subhajit,

    Thanks for keeping this interesting post into the forum. The moment you have accepted money is one of the important aspect of life, everything resolved. I do not have any answer on it.

    Truly, we may loose many member without cash credit facility.

    Debashish Bhattacharya

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    Bengal Spider attracts persons who love surfing the internet for the membership only because it pays cash to its members depending upon the contribution done by the member. The site is designed to earn and distribute the money.

    In my opinion, I love the forum section of this website as from the forum section we can get many valuable informations and updates of Bengal and I will be active to the forum responses and threads but I wont post any resource here as posting and creating a resource is not a easy job. Again many members will leave the site if it stops paying the members. We will loose many valuable members which will result in inactive forum threads with no responce so even I will not get a scope to post my messages and responses.

    So money is really a big deal here.

    Thanks a lot,
    Ankit Patwari.

    Ankit Patwari

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    I dont think cash credit will ever stop at this site till we all provide good resources which can really help the site to grow. Let us contribute with our best effort to make this site one of the leading site for West Bengal.

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    Thats the real positive side. Think optimist.
    Thats the spirit. Lets post the best and increase our income.

    Ankit Patwari

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    I have been following this discussion from the beginning but couldn't arrange the time to comment. I go with Ankit's view if it stops paying I won't go into the trouble of building resources but an active forum is very interesting to participate.

    On a different note if I get an adsense account soon(which I hope to, pray for me) and manage some respectable earning through it then I might reconsider the importance of cash credits. I am sure new members won't like it if giving cash is cancelled.


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