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    Encashment of Cash Credits amount into my account

    Hi Webmaster and Subrata,

    On 1st May I am noticing that in my Cash Credit the total amount is Rs. 1285. Out of that my revenue share of March and April as well as Cash for cool resources are there.

    Now I need to know whether I can withdraw that amount or I need to wait more.

    Hoping for your guidence.

    Debashish Bhattacharya
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    Hello dear, one can withdraw his/her money only when his/her name has been announced in the Payment lists. As far I knowns your name has not been announced in this month's payment. So wait till next month. Your name will surely announced in the next month. If you still have some query please share them.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Narender Sharma.
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    Hello Mr Debashish,

    In Bengal Spider you can withdraw money only when payout is declared for you. Your name has not been declared now. You have to wait for a month but keep on contributing.

    Here you can withdraw money or payout will be announced on the first week of a month only if you have more than Rs 1000 in the last day of the previous month in your account. As you crossed Rs 1000 on 2nd May when partnership share for April was announced, that money will be treated as income for May and you will get this money on the very first week of June. So keep on posting.

    Thank You,
    Ankit Patwari.

    Ankit Patwari

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    Yes Narender Sharma is right. There is a minimum amount that should be in your account before the end of the month to be included in next month's payment announcement. The minimum amount as far my knowledge goes is 1000 rupees in general and 750 for first payments.

    I believe that your balance in account was lower than the aforesaid limit at the end of the mind. While trying to understand the process keep in mind that first the old month's balance is announced in payment if eligible and then revenue share and other bonuses are added to the account. So check if you're account balance at the end of last month was below the threshold, if yes then that's the cause.

    You already have more balance in your account than the aforesaid limit so even if you do not earn anything this month still you'll surely be paid next month. I am suffering the same fate that is why I am sharing what I have learnt with you.


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    Hi Ankit, Bhaswar, and Narender,

    Thanks for your reply. My question is answered properly. Ankit there is no reason of not posting material as I like to keep on posting. Due to some shortage of time I am unable to post. Anyways I feel there should have been a way to members to withdraw money without any declaration of anyone, but there should have been a minimum limit.

    It is completely my view. May be there are some other reasons also to keep this system.

    Debashish Bhattacharya

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