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    Why bengali's are not cooperative like Marawari,Bihari or punjabees?

    Most cases we see that Bengalies generally do not helpful like other caste? In case of Marwari we can see that if any marwari businessman incur loss in their business then a group of marwari help him but in case of Bengali if any Bengali rise in his business then another Bengali is trying to demoralized him. Is this nature of Bengali? Is it not send all Bengalies in back foot in Business?
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    Mr Subrata Ray please do not find me offensive as I would like to point out that Bengali, Marwari etc are not casts. They are people from a certain province or culture or speaking a particular language, however that is not related to mythology and hence they should not be termed as caste.

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    Yes Bhaswar you are right and by mistake I wrote caste but one thing is proved from your answer that you do not help me by giving the proper answer and you prove it that bengali's are not cooperative.Instead of raising helping hand you like all Bengali always find the mistake. Don't take it otherwise please because this is not yours fault but it is our (bengali) nature and culture.
    subrata ray from bengal

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    Nice attempt of proving your point. Actually the thing is I do not like discriminating people based upon their race, religion, culture, financial state or region; the list goes on. I am tired of this mentality and it's a personal feeling of mine not to undermine people after discriminating them. It has nothing to do with this thread actually and my previous answer was a suggestion only not an attempt to discredit you or your thread in any way.

    On another note the topic of this thread is self-satisfactory. Have you heard of the famous comment 'every resident of Crete island is a liar' made by Homer who was himself a resident of Crete island. If his comments are true then that makes his comments false; and if his comment is false then might actually be true. This is a never ending circle that I see in this kind of discussions and that is why in these cases I prefer proving things by action and not just words. This feeling is entirely personal and as you wanted to know my opinion I am sharing with you.


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