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    Increase your earning opportunity in BengalSpider

    This post is for senior members who continued with us more than six months and able to grab the earning opportunities. You all know very well that BengalSpider offer some pocket money to the active members. But this is not the only earning opportunity for you. There are also two different revenue sharing program i.e. Kontera and Adsense. Both of the programs shares their ads in your posts and you will get paid if someone click on there adds. Members will get 90% revenue share in both the cases.

    I applied for Kontera first it is very easy to apply and get started. Kontera chose some key words from your resource and make it a Hyperlink adds. I stated to get earn from the very first day I applied for it.

    You can find lots of article and post about Adsense application and how difficult it is to get the approval. So, I decided to apply for it few days back only. It takes only 3 hrs to get the approval for me.

    In both the cases you will earn in $. These earnings are separate from BengalSpider earning. You will get payment from Google and Kontera directly. So, if you think you are able to apply for these programs then apply for it without fail.

    Before applying you are requested to go through the terms and conditions of these programs.
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    I have posted about GoogleAdSense problem. See if you have any solution on it.

    Debashish Bhattacharya

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    Hello Mr Subhajit,

    In just few days I will have a membership of more than six months in Bengal Spider. Kindly advice me how to join the Kontera and Adsnce accounts. How much I can earn with my current posts?
    Will I be able to join it now?

    Ankit Patwari

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    Hello Mr Subhajit,

    This time to I will know you are editor of this site.Thanks for writing this type of things.This forum message is helpfull to me and new join members.But my one confusion is that what is the minimum criteria to appily kontera.Please response.


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    Dear Ankit,
    You are one of the most regular and active members of BengalSpider. So, I personally think you can apply for Adsense now. The application process is very simple. You can apply for Adsense ad Kontera through your profile. There is a hyperlink for opening new account. You can earn unlimited through these programs depends on the quality of your post. Post current topics and burning issues which increase traffic in your post. If visitors of your post increase your earning will automatically increase. In last few days election result, madhyamik results related resources attracts maximum traffic in BengalSpider.


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    Hi John,
    There are no as such eligibility criteria for applying Kontera account. But I advice you to wait for six moths after you join. You should also above 18yr of age while applying.


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    Hello Mr Subhajit,

    I want to apply for the Kontera account. Can you please tell me where can I get the link in my profile for joining Kontera. On 11th of June i will complete up with all the conditions of applying for Google Adesnce. I want to apply for both of them.
    Please tell me how can? Where will I get the link?

    Thank you.

    Ankit Patwari

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    Yes ankit from your manage account page go to Manage Third party Ad revenue sharing link. There you can find the link for creating a new Kontera account. You will get 90% of the revenue from the Kontera Ads. You have to log in to your Kontera profile to know earning.

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    I had done that. Now where can I see my balance amount for my Kontera account? I had made a Kontera account yesterday. Now I had put up the publisher ID there. Where can I see my balance from Kontera?
    Ankit Patwari

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    Hi Ankit,

    After a long gap I am coming into the forum. Only you need to open the site of kontera i.e. Sign in as publisher. Log into the site and check your account status. Please be patient. It takes time to update all your resources into bengalspider. How far I know you have a very good resources into the bengalspider. So you should get handsome amount through this site in the long run. Hoping for the best.

    Debashish Bhattacharya

    N.B.: If anyone can enlighten more I will be happy.

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    Hello everyone

    A nice and useful topic of discussion brought me to this thread. I have been using Kontera for over a month now. Planning to apply for adsense after I complete my 6 months of membership in Bengalspider. I don't want to spoil my chances by rushing it, but that's my personal opinion.

    I would like to add the fact to this discussion that as far as my knowledge goes a member needs to achieve gold member level to be eligible to apply for Kontera through this site. Or may be one needs to be gold member to use their Kontera tag in the site; one of these two holds. Please see that you are gold level before you try to use Kontera tag in your profile or you will be rejected.


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    I have so far been watching the discussion. I have myself done repeated experiments with Kontera in various ways and found that there are both pros and cons of using Kontera. The main drawback of Kontera is that the CTR and CPC is usually very less (not so if you know which topics and keywords to focus on). However, there are some positive sides of Kontera revenue sharing program as well. Let me list a few of them.

    • Boosts AdSense - sounds odd, but its true. Competition from other advertising networks like InfoLinks, Chitika or Kontera increases Google AdSense advertisements' CPC on a given page. This is why contextual advertising gurus like Joel Comm do advice to use Kontera hand in hand with AdSense, not only for the sake of Kontera, but for AdSense as well.

    • While there might be some loss in clicks for AdSense, it is believed that banner ads and in text ads do not hinder the ways of each other. Also, keeping in mind the increased CPC factor as discussed above, we may conclude that Kontera will not affect AdSense much, instead provide an additional revenue.

    • With people being more and more internet friendly over days, nowadays some visitors know which are the main contents of a website and which are banner ads. That is why some people carefully avoid clicking on any Google ad. However, for the benefit of web content publishers, most people still do not recognise in text ads as advertisements unlike other links in the text.

    While Kontera approval does not take much time usually, you can get instant Kontera approval. Personally I am an affiliate of Kontera and your application will be instantly approved if you apply through this link.

    Kumaraditya Sarkar

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    Hello Mr Kumaraditya, Mr Bhaswar and Mr Debashish,

    Thanks a lot for this kind of valuable informations. I have successfully opened my account with Kontera and I had put the publisher pin in my Bengal Spider profile too. Now I am not getting any place to see my current account balance with Kontera. Please tell me how to see because I am not getting any link as such account status in my Kontera profile.

    I also want to know from Mr Subhajit, how much can I earn from Kontera with my current posts?

    Thanks a lot members and webmasters for helping me. I am highly obliged to you all.

    Ankit Patwari

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    Ankit, to know your earning you have to log in with your ID and password. This ID & password you provided at the time of opening Kontera account. After sign in you can find a report tab there. In this report tab page you can find your earning of last 7 days. There is also a graphical representation of your earnings.
    Yes, you can earn from your current posts. As kumaraditya says, Kontera earning is a bit low compared to adsense but has some advantages.


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    Hello Subhajit, thanks for sharing such wonderful information with us. But I have one doubt that when we Signup for Kontera account then what should we put in website address. Should we just use site address or our account address. For example if I am applying through Uttarakhand then Should I put or my account address. Please reply.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Narender Sharma.
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    Narender, you should enter your site profile URL in the site URL block.

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    hi subhajit can you help me to create kontra and googel adsence account. In kontra they ask me for url of website so please tell me which website i want to give? And google adsence i cannot create though i fill all criteria.
    subrata ray from bengal

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    Hi subrata,
    Your should provide your profile page url there. Can you please tell me what the exact problem with the adsence account is?


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