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    Some enqueries

    Since I have joinned today only, I want to clear some of my queries from the Webmaster.

    1. 'Member of the Week' award is available or not?
    2. Who is the responsible person for payment?

    Hoping to get the answers as soon as possible.

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    Hi Anindya Ji,
    This Website is in its starting Phase. So,I think Member of week Award can not be implemented for few month .It is because there are very few members who are contributing to this website and for those there is some award already declared. Once you have some good database of Users then I think it may be implemented.

    You can contact to the Lead Editor or webmaster of this website .They will Suggest you when you will reach your minimum payout.

    THank You.

    Pankaj Gupta
    Bengal Spider Member

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    Dear Pankaj Ji,
    Nice to see you here as well. I agree with the point you raised. That's why I asked that. Very few members are here. But, We will miss that oppertunity of earnings, isn't it?

    Are you also from Kolkata or just joinned since it's a Sister Site of ISC??


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    I am from Uttar Pradesh. I Joined BengalSpider to make it popular. I know it is not possible to make it as possible as ISC but this Website will be Number 1 website for Bengal Information.
    Pankaj Gupta
    Bengal Spider Member

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    Pankaj Ji,
    Thanks for your contribution and I appreciate your likings towards Bengal. Yes, It's not possible for BengalSpider to become like ISC. But, I hope, many of new members would join soon to earn money as well.


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    I Anindya
    I am strange to see the line written by you that It's not possible for BengalSpider to become like ISC. Have you seen ISC when it was at the stage of what Bengalspider is at present, I dont think so. I have seen, but then I never had this negative feeling about that site.

    I am strange but not frustated by your statement as you are one who had joined ISC with a golden spoon because ISC is now at this level. But I am sure this site will also reach higher levels because we have some members who dont have negative feeling and are very positive in approach, I have members who had seen the initial level of ISC.


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    Sandy Sir,
    I have asked the question those came in my mind. I don't like to hide anything in mind.
    If anyone new to this site asked this type of questiones in Forum then I could explain them with the proper information, this is why I need to be clear about this things.
    And you could understand, whether I am taken this site by my heart or not from my active contribution.
    Now, I have started to accumulate members from Rediff Chat as well.

    I am strange to see that you took me in such ways...


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    Hi Anindya
    I havent took you in that way and I knew that you will take this site whole heartedly that is why I requested you to join here.
    The problem is that now youngsters want to get too many things in too little time in his life, leave the sites apart, I am talking in general terms.

    But lastly a tortoise wins the race not the hare, because tortoise is hardworking, consistent and work with patience without thinking of win or lose.


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    I promise you, I will contribute this site, till I become an Editor.. Thats my Dream...

    Don;t make me Editor Soon... Haha...


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    Sandy Sir,
    Requesting you to Lock this Thread as I had my answer. Please Lock this Thread.


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