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    What expectation do you have with the new CM of Bengal?

    The West Bengal State people are expecting a lot with the new government. Some expects that the conditions of the state will improve while some people think that it will remain all the same. So members of Bengal Spider I want to know your views and expectations.
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    I think the new CM will try to bring the lost reputation of Bengal.
    It will help to revive the industries and also set up new industries. It is really great to see Mamata Banerjee as the new CM of Bengal. I hope the new CM will do her best as she did with the Indian railway. The people of Bengal are having very high expectations with this new CM. From the very begining only she had started changing things.
    Now lets hope for the best and lets wait for a great revolution to our state.

    Thank You.

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    Well to me it's a matter to see what time rolls out. Let me first clear out that I have no strong political affinities towards the two basic poles of West Bengal politics or any other party to be precise.

    Now I confess that I feel state of West Bengal is not what it should be. Now I do not know who's fault it is, I just know the consequence; not the cause. And if the change in the government(in context to your thread the new CM) is able to do something to make the lives of people of west bengal better, to make west bengal a better place, then why not. I mean it's a win-win situation as we have nothing to lose.

    Now let me clear out why I said we have nothing to lose. Let us consider Left frond to be party 'A' and Trinamul to be party 'B'. Now if A has done a bad job(apparently) then moving them from the throne isn't a bad deal, and even if B turns out to be just as bad, what the heck, why not try?
    If A didn't have faults still the results were not positive and B comes claiming to rectify this, so if they can it's good for us, if they can't, back to same old story.
    If A and B both are worthless we don't get any worse than we were. So basically the new CM, even if she doesn't give a damn about west bengal or it's people(I am not saying she doesn't), she still needs to do her duty to remain in power and not to be turned down by public after 5 years.

    So we can expect a few jobs done by the new CM I guess, at the minimum level. However there is just one drawback in all the scenarios I explained above, and that is the clash of two titans(read A and B). That is something I hope would be avoided by the good sense of human beings and rest will be history.

    Oh and one more thing, if you didn't get what I wrote above, please don't ask me to repeat it. hehe.


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    Hello Ritika di,
    Thanks for such a nice responce. Its nice to see that you have such an expectation with the new CM. I just hope that the new CM of our Bengal will meet the expectations of all the Bengalis.
    Hello Bhaswar, thanks for your responce. You provided us with a very good point. I hope peope do understand what you want to say.
    Other members, comment here to let us know your opinion about this particular topic.

    Ankit Patwari

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