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    Increasing Petrol Prices

    Petrol Prices are rising day by day in Bengal. This is affecting the people very much. The current prices of Petrol is about Rs 68.28/litre. This prices are increasing every two months and it is supposed to Reach Rs 70/litre. The rise in prices had lead to many problems for the middle class people of our state or the whole country. To fight with these problems, the vehicle companies are trying to upgrade the technologies in motor cycles and cars and are trying to introduce more efficient and eco friendly vehicles which will consume less fuel. Still now there is no such implementation from the companies in launching better technologies of vehicle. Yes there are launches but still people prefer petrol cars as they have many other kinds of drawbacks. There are diesel cars which are much more efficient but they are not preferred due to their high maintenance costs and sound of the engines.

    All the middle class families are having problem with this. Members please state your comment regarding this and tell us some ways to fight with this ever increasing prices of Petrol. What are you adapting against it? Let us know your thoughts and views.
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    Hello Ankit

    Really the regular hike in petrol prices are creating alot of problem for the common people. Whenever we have to use our personal vehicle we are now forced to think twice due to such high petrol prices.

    we can adopt some measures like using more of public transport for travelling as they are cheaper because they run on diesel. Use of pool cars for traveling to offices. Regular maintainence of cars to increase their efficiency. Switching off car's engine at signal.
    Avoiding unecessary travelling in cars.


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    Ankit a good news for you that your assumption is correct and from 1st june petrol already hike @Rs. 1.35 per liter which is close to Rs. 70 and with in two months it reach Rs. 100 per liter.
    subrata ray from bengal

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    Hello Ritika di,

    This are really good measures you are taking. If we all take this kind of measures to save the non-renewable forms of energy than we can minimize our expenditure as environmental pollution.
    People who travel very less per day using bikes can go for battery scooters as there are new scooters launched in the market which can run at a speed of 45 km/hr. These are much more efficient and do not cost the environment too. Nowadays battery cars are also coming into the trend.
    One more suggestion is that always drive your vehicle at economy speed i.e 35-50 km/hr. At this speed vehicles are most efficient and one can save a lot.

    Ankit Patwari

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    Hello sir,

    Thanks for your support and response.
    But the petrol prices are now 68.28/litre only. They have not increased yet. I think within one month it will jump over Rs 70/litre.

    Ankit Patwari

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    The increase in the prices of not only petrol but almost all fuels is really pressurizing the budgets of the middle and the low middle class people. However we also should consider the huge amount of subsidy by the central government on fuel every year which must be reduced for a better economic future of our country. And a better economic future of our country will in turn benefit us in future; so I consider this as a kind of investment. While now you are required to spend a bit more, your son might live in a wealthy and developed India!

    Kumaraditya Sarkar

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