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    Should cricketers give preference to their IPL club over country

    The Indian team going for the tour of west indies would be going without their top 5 current batsmen ( Sachin, Dhoni, Yuvraj, Gambhir & Sehwag ) only because these players have been injured or need rest after the recently concluded IPL which extended for well over 2 months. Who would be responsible if the Indian team performs badly in the West indies ?
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    Hello Ritika di,

    This is a nice topic you had posted in the Bengal Spider foum.

    I exactly agree with you. The IPL matches are affecting the important International matches which are conducted recently. As you mentioned the name of the players, all of them are the key players of our Indian cricket team. Without them it will be quite impossible for the Indian Cricket team to win matches in West Indies. I hope that soon the cricket board will realize this and if this is going to happen we will not be able to form the winning streak team of Cricket.

    But again we can not comment anything on the performance of the Indian cricketers. With the recent World Cup win, the Indian cricket team had proved that they can take over any loosing match to their side.

    Ankit Patwari.

    Ankit Patwari

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    It's actually money which is playing in the mind of cricketers. IPL give them a chance to earn handsome amount of money within a short time. I think cricketers are not willing to play for their country for this reason only. If they think for India then they can take rest in some of the IPL matches to retain their energy.

    There is a positive side also, young players should take the advantage to prove them and should give the confidence to the selectors that they are ready for international cricket. Dhoni also played the 1st T20 world cup with a bunch of new players and they win the cup! I am looking for that type of performance this time also.


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    I have something to say in this regard. Please do not misunderstand me.

    Cricket is a profession for cricketers and there is nothing wrong if they want to earn handsome rewards for their talent. I know that cricketers represent the nation and their actions influence public, but it is not a crime to want to earn lots of money given the chance. And Indian cricket team has already given the world cup to us and made us proud. I am not saying that they should forsake the liability of Indian pride but as the schedule for Indian cricket team is very tight we should not ask them to leave IPL and be fit for national matches just because we would like them to. It's their choice to make.

    One more point I would like to add is that a position in the national team bears great prestige and I don't think any Indian cricketer will want to neglect their duties as they might lose their position(excepting a few like Sachin Tendulkar).

    Recently we have seen a few players from other nations who have chosen IPL over their national cricket, for example Chris Gayle and Malinga. Gayle got into some controversy for this and is now currently under suspension from the national team. Malinga actually retired from test cricket to be able to play in IPL. So at the end of the day it's their choice to make. Our national heroes haven't gone that far, and injuries cannot be forecasted. So we should not judge them just because they want to earn more.


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    First of all I would like to thank all those who have found my topic interesting and have submitted their views.

    What you all have said is absolutely correct but I feel that in this IPL v/s international match controversy, we are forgetting about one aspect.

    And that is of the BCCI. we all know that the BCCI has the money power and so all the players( India & International ) are getting attracted towards the IPL. This is eventually downgrading the quality level of the international matches. Indian players already have such a tight international schedule, so if they play non-stop cricket like this they are bound to be injured and miss international matches. And international players like Malinga & Gayle are happy playing the IPL instead for their nation.

    It is the choice of the players but is happening with India's tour of west indies is not right. 5-6 main Indian players injured/resting will make the series less attractive. So neither will the tour get that much sponsership nor many people will turn up to watch the match in the stadium. What if the west Indies tries and takes revenge and sends its Grade B team to India when it is their turn to come to India ?

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    Thanks Ritika for posting such a nice topic in bengalspider forum. Well according to me cricketers should not give preference to IPL over country, for example you can see the Australian cricketers who gave preference to country over IPL most of them came midway after playing for Australia. But at the end of the day its an individual players decision what he wants money from IPL or fame by playing for the country. Since lot of indian players ( Sehwag, Yuvraj, Gambhir , Dhoni, Zaheer, Sachin ) are not going to West Indies, it will be a good chance for the youngsters to prove themselve.


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    Dear Pradipta

    The point which you have made about the youngsters getting a good chance to prove themselves is a valid one but a team should have a combination of young & experienced players and should not be full of only youngsters.

    The team's experienced players should not have played all the IPL matches & in west Indies also instead of opting out of the whole series they could have come and played some matches in rotation. That way atleast 1-2 experienced players would be there for every match along with the youngsters.


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