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    Do you prefer English medium schools at Bengal?

    In Bengal people prefer English medium schools more than the Bengali medium schools or other social schools. People are more conscious about their child's education. Yes this is good. but why people are always going for some English medium schools only? There are many schools which are far better than those English medium schools. They provide education as well as many other things. They teach the students how to behave, yoga, PT etc. As for example Shantiniketan which was established by Kavi Guru Rabindranath Tagore. There are many other schools like that which really provide the real value of education and the real teachings of life. These schools provide the children with the basic knowledge which a child should have.

    Unfortunately, now the schools are just giving pressure on bookish education. They are taking regular tests, full classes and all and students are not getting and kind of relaxation or fun out of their life. Day by day the students are also becoming bookish and they do not even think of going outside their house in the fields to play. Members please comment.

    Ankit Patwari.
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    Ankit, You have raised a good question, why parents prefer English medium schools, specifically Delhi board schools over state govt. aided schools. In my opinion the reasons are:

    1. In our country knowledge of English is essential. Due to any unknown reason English was abolished from Bengali medium schools and parents had no option but to send their child to English medium schools.

    2. In recent times, educational environment, quality every thing of the state govt. aided schools have declined and the reason behind it is known to all.

    3. In such situation, naturally the flow of students are towards English medium schools and many English medium schools are taking the advantage of such situation and doing simply business. In recent years there are many English medium schools can be found with huge student strength but the quality of their teaching staffs is not upto the mark. Students are paying huge amount of tution fees every month but taking private tutions on each subjects. A recent survey shows that in West Bengal, a student is spending more on private coaching than any other states in India. Actually these type of English medium schools are also getting support from strong lobby in our state.

    Dear friend, our state beloved state is unique in every respect. When required we take shelter in Rabindranath Tagore, Netaji Subhash Bose and rest of the time we are simply cultivating corruption.

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    Both Bengali and English medium schools are fine if you have the right aptitude to learning. Let me narrate two true stories for example. In our college there was a boy who has always read in one of the most known English medium schools of Kolkata (I am not mentioning the name of the student or the school in order to conceal his identity) who had great difficulties in reading and writing Bengali despite the fact that it was his mother tongue. This is quite shameful, but he was not a bit ashamed of this fact. Such kind of colonial attitude is to be strongly hated. One of the greatest English literature scholars of Bengal, Prof. Sisir Kumar Das remarked that to understand Milton, one needs to understand Miachel Madhusudan Dutt first. The message is quite clear - any person cannot learn any language or literature by heart.

    Yet another side of the same coin is most of the Bengali students doing very miserably in English. Once I had the chance (lucky or miserable?) to teach a very poor student of class VIII of a Bengali medium school from a lower middle class family. After repeating a lesson for two days, I framed a question for her on the next session. She was asked to name "two transports of Derozio's time", the answers being palanquin and horse drawn carriages. Those days I was a very enthusiastic student of English Linguistics and Language Teaching (ELT), but all of my experiments came to a sudden halt as I found her answer on the script - Raja Rammohan Roy and Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar.

    I leave the conclusions to you!

    Kumaraditya Sarkar

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