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    More points less revenue

    Sandy Sir,

    Please look into my posts:
    1. : Points 15(Rs.1) - I want to know the reason. I have mentioned 85-90% detailed information, still getting only Rs.1. The same post can fetch me Rs.3 - Rs.5 from ISC.

    2. : Points 10 - No revenue. why? where is my fault here?

    Please reply sooon...
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    Hi Anindya
    Its our site only where we give cash credit in posting business details. If you compare us with bigger sites like ISC, then I must tell you when the site was new we even dont use to get more points. But we kept patience, owned the site from heart and continued our effort and now the site is at this level and now I am getting the benefit of it.

    When you sow a seed you cant expect fruit on the very same day. Be faithful to the site, contribute and I am sure the day will come when you will have no regrets.


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    Hi Anindya ji,
    Since this Site is new and it first need data's to get indexed in Search Engine. When this site will start getting visitors from search engines then this site will share their revenue in the form of assigning cash to your and other members post.

    So,in this beginning time do not except big cash credit for all post. You will get more in some posts but not in all. In ISC,it is now started giving cash credit from last 2-3 months in BD section because it's world ranking is 2000. So,ISC is helping all the members who are giving their time to make ISC Popular.

    Bengalspider will not disappoint you in any way. This is starting month so you are getting disappointed but please do not be disappointed and Keep Posting. After some month,when this site become some popular then this site will start giving more cash then that time you will get benefited because you will be the main source of the Success by your posts .So,Keep Posting.

    Thank You.

    Pankaj Gupta
    Bengal Spider Member

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    Dear Friends,
    Thanks for the support. Since, It's related to Bengal, I am putting my efort in this site. Otherwise, I would like to post this things in ISC.

    I trust Sandy Sir... Lets wait for few months.


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    Sandy Sir,
    You can Lock this thread. I got the answer.


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