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    Will bengal support Anna hazare and Ramdev baba for Satyagraha?

    If Bengal support Anna hazare and Ramdev baba then you must tell your opinion here. Bengal must not outside india so don't aloof from this. This is active GD please post here your opinion against corruption.
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    Non-violent Satyagraha movement in the Gandhian model by Anna Hazare and Ramdev Baba has nothing to protest against. In fact they are doing this for a good cause which is the abolition of corruption. Nevertheless, I strongly feel that trying to escape in the guise of a woman from the Ramlila Maidan in Delhi, Ramdev Baba actually spoiled his own reputation. So far I had a feeling of veneration for him as a Yoga guru as well as a skilled orator, almost all of which vanished away in a moment as I read the news of his failed attempt to escape in the feminine disguise. Moreover, yesterday Ramdev Baba announced his plan for an armed rivalry which is miles apart from his initial stance of non violent non cooperation and Satyagraha movement in the Gandhian model, which Anna Hazare is still following.

    By announcing his plan to stand up with armed forces, Ramdev Baba is actually standing up against the country. It is less important here which party, left or right, saffron or green or red, is in the power. Ramdev Baba is not going to oppose the UPA Government, but on a larger scale he is going the challenge the state system. He is challenging the sovereignty of India and its administrative model by attempting to be the power hub and manipulating armed rebellions, with no basic difference from what the Maoists and the terrorists in Kashmir and elsewhere are doing.

    If Ramdev Baba proceeds to build his infantry, let him do that; the Govt. of India is not feeble enough to be moved by that. The state will legally handle him and should also kill him if he ever dares to do so. If he wants to die unto fast, let him; an independent sovereign democratic country never stops nor stoops for one man.

    Kumaraditya Sarkar

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    Thank Kumar for your great response. I hope like you other member must response about the Satyagraha of Ramdev and Anna Hazere.
    subrata ray from bengal

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