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    Your plans for Diwali

    Diwali is on 17-Oct-09. Please enjoy Diwali with lights & Crackers but avoid Sound-Cracker like Bomb, pataka. Please maintain a safe distance while playing with crackers.Parents need to look after their kidz from fire.

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    Share your plans how you are going to enjoy this diwali, what you are going to do. Give a good description, good responses will get cash credit.

    HAPPY DIWALI To All the Members of BengalSpider (BS)
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    Happy Diwali to all the members of BS & the Visitors.

    Diwali - As we all know it's a festival of Light. In this auspisious day, we (in our family) used to celebrate Laxmi Puja every year. I know, you people might think that Laxmi Puja dates are different, they why we arrange Laxmi Puja on Diwali. Let me explain, Bengalease celebrate Laxmi Puja on 2-diffrent day. First one after Durga Puja, thats called Kojagori Laxmi Puja & the Second one on Diwali, its called ALaxmi Puja (Prayer to the bad side of laxmi for not looking on the family).

    Since, this Laxmi Puja been done in the evening, I can't go outside to visit Pandals of Kali Puja. But, I have to enlight minimum of 11-Pradips (Diya) in my house. After enlighting the Pradips, I will attend the Laxi Puja of my house & then to serve the Bhog Prasad among the guests. So, in the evening time, I miss the crackers.

    But, I am not going to pass Diwali so easily. Since, I live in Dakshineswar, with my friends after 11PM, I will go to Kali Temple & will spend whole night in the Temple by watching Puja & Function there. At the early morning (Nearly at 5am), we (me and my friends) will take the Bhog-Prasad from Dakshineswar Kali Temple & will return home. Then a Deeeeeep Sleep for atleast 5-6 hrs.

    No Internet, No BengalSpider, No ISC - on that Day...This much thing, I have planned to do.. What about you? Please share..


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    Happy Diwali to all members from the side of the BengalSpider.

    Diwali is indeed the festival of lights where we kids especially have loads of fun with all the crackers, chocolate bombs, Chakri and so many more.

    Diwali comes every time with a very good indication for people who don't know when is Diwali. This time I got the indication with children bringing bombs to school and bursting them in front of the whole school to agitate the school officials, yesterday I heard 5 bombs scorching the school premises with loud blasts.

    Kids have the 200% fun of Diwali but unfortunately for me I don't have the time to enjoy much, I will surely blasts some crackers but surely I don't have the time as we have so much work pressure from studies, games and so many more things. As we live in an Army Neighborhood people, friends come to our houses to visit us and meet us on this auspicious days so many times we have to act as host and keep the snacks ready for the guests in case they come and 90% time they have come.

    All I can say is I will blast some crackers then we will do some Puja and then I have to take a good night sleep for the next day for school and tuitions and the other activities, so for me its not so much fun but I will try to take as much fun as possible and that too like Andy says that no BengalSpider, NO ISC and no internet that day so friends what are your plans on Diwali?

    With Regards,
    Ankit Das,

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    Happy Deepavali!

    For me,the Festival of Lights is not just about lighting diyas, making rangolis and generally giving the home a pretty look; and definitely it is not about lighting firecrackers & increasing noise & air pollution!

    The significance of Deepavali for me is to spread the light of happiness all around. It is a time to make small gestures that will create a little light in somebodyelse's life - a small monetary bonus to the local sweeper, to the postmen, to the housemaid and to the others who make our lives so much easier. It is a time to renew old friendships, bond new ones and get together with family members & relatives to develop good relationships. It is a time to forgive and forget old quarrels and cherish only good memories.

    That is how I celebrate Deepavali: by lighting diyas of happiness. Come...light some too and see the beautiful glow spread from one person to another.


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