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Which brand uses the slogan “Made for each other” for its cigarettes? General KnowledgeCurrent affairs
Sir C.V.Raman was the first Nobel Laureate in Physics from the Indian Sub-continent . Who was the second one ?General KnowledgeCurrent affairs
India had signed an agreement to cooperate in the nuclear field for civil purpose . The agreement has no restriction on India . To Which country the agreement has signed ?General KnowledgeCurrent affairs
By whom 'Invisible' novel is written by ?General KnowledgeCurrent affairs
In which field Heavy Water is used ?General KnowledgeCurrent affairs
On which recent date in 2010 did youtube, the famous video-sharing website, turn five?General KnowledgeCurrent affairs
On which recent date in 2010 did the hubble space telescope celebrate the 20th anniversary of its launch?General KnowledgeCurrent affairs
The famous Hollywood star, who, in april 2010, was included in the Hollywood star on the wall of the fame, is _______________.General KnowledgeCurrent affairs
Eight-time national badminton champion __________ was, on april 23, 2010, presented the lifetime achievement by the Calcutta sports journalist’s club. General KnowledgeCurrent affairs
Polish president lech Kaczynski was killed on april 10, 2010, when a plane carrying 97 people crashed in thick fog near the Russian city of _________. General KnowledgeCurrent affairs
Russia in april, 2010, launched the construction of the nord stream gas pipeline that would carry gas from Siberian gas fields to Greifswald in ___________. General KnowledgeCurrent affairs
Former journalist and film-maker ________ from Mumbai, created history in 2010, when the wikipedia foundation appointed her as its first ever Indian board member. General KnowledgeCurrent affairs
U.S president barrack obama, on april 7, 2010, appointed _______, as a member of the white house commission on presidential scholars.General KnowledgeCurrent affairs
_________, on april 2, 2010, showed amazing consistency to win the 300,000 SAIL open tournament at the delhi golf club. General KnowledgeCurrent affairs
The planning commission, on __________, 2010, appointed an expert committee headed by C. Rangarajan to recommend measures for efficient management of public expenditureGeneral KnowledgeCurrent affairs
On which recent date in 2010 did the SEBI make it mandatory for all listed companies to disclose their financial results within 45 days from the end of every quarter?General KnowledgeCurrent affairs
Russia in april, 2010, shut the last remaining weapons-grade plutonium reactor in the world, the ______reactor near the Siberian town of zheleznogorsk. General KnowledgeCurrent affairs
On which recent date USA and Russia signed a strategic arms reduction treaty which will reduce the nuclear weapons stockpiloo by the third? General KnowledgeCurrent affairs
The reserve bank of India on july 27, 2010, raised the short-term indicative lending rate called __________ by 25 basis points from 5.50 percent to 5.75 percent.General KnowledgeCurrent affairs
At the advice of the prime minister of ________, the 16th SAARC summit was held in thimpu in april 2010 with the theme of “Climate change.” General KnowledgeCurrent affairs
________, on april 10, 2010, launched a trans boundary project to conserve the mount kailash region. General KnowledgeCurrent affairs
India and _______, on april 7, 2010, signed an agreement to setup a hotline to open up direct communication between their prime ministersGeneral KnowledgeCurrent affairs
Germany secured third place in the world cup courtesy of an entertaining 3-2 win over Uruguay in port Elizabeth on july 10, 2010. who was adjudged “Man of the Match”?General KnowledgeCurrent affairs
The world’s most expensive postage stamp the “treskilling yellow” a one-of-its-kind issue printed in Sweden in 1857, was sold at auction in ______ on may 22, 2010.General KnowledgeCurrent affairs
________, a 24 year-old Lebanese immigrant, was crowned miss USA on may 16, 2010, making her the first ever arab-american to win the title.General KnowledgeCurrent affairs
Physicist and environmentalist vandana shiva was awarded the prestigious ________ peace prize 2010 in recognition of her works in social justice on may 10, 2010. General KnowledgeCurrent affairs
______ director apichatpong weerasethakul, on may 23, 2010, won the palme d’Or top prize at the cannes film festival for a surreal reincarnation tale, uncle boonmee. General KnowledgeCurrent affairs
The annual ministerial meeting of the organization for economic cooperation and development was held in __________ may 2010.General KnowledgeCurrent affairs
Which of the following cities hosted the 2010 nuclear non-proliferation treaty (NPT) review conference in may 2010? General KnowledgeCurrent affairs
Neeraj patil, a leading NRI doctor, was elected mayor of the borough of lambeth in ______ on may 27, 2010. General KnowledgeCurrent affairs
Australian sailor _________, on may 15, 2010, sailed into history, becoming the youngest person to circum-nevigate the globe-solo, non-stop and without help. General KnowledgeCurrent affairs
Who among the following became great britain’s first women muslim MPs after the results of the recently held general elections were announced on may 7, 2010. General KnowledgeCurrent affairs
Pakistan and __________, on may 8, 2010, emerged winners of the men’s and women’s team events at the asian squash championships in ChennaiGeneral KnowledgeCurrent affairs
The central board of direct taxes, on may 24, 2010, amended the Industrial park scheme 2008 and rule _______ of the income-tax rules, 1962. General KnowledgeCurrent affairs
The central government, on may 21, 2010, granted “maharatna” status to giant public sector undertakings of __________. General KnowledgeCurrent affairs
Merchandise exports grew by a healthy _____ percent in march 2010 for the fifth month in a row to 19.92 billion from 12.91 billion in the same month in 2009.General KnowledgeCurrent affairs
The cabinet of which country, on may 19, 2010, approved a draft law to ban the muslim full-face veil from public spaces? General KnowledgeCurrent affairs
On which date in 2010 did the state of law coalition and the Iraqi national alliance agree to merge brightening prospects of the emergence of a government in iraq. General KnowledgeCurrent affairs
_______, on may 1, 2010, announced spending cuts cuts to clinch a 146 billion international bailout, to save the country from bankruptcy. General KnowledgeCurrent affairs
President pratibha patil, on may 29, 2010, decided an Indian-style temple in the town of _______ to the friendship between the people of India and the people of china. General KnowledgeCurrent affairs
India and ________ , on may 27, 2010, decided to set up a working group to examine the possibility of co-operation in civil nuclear energy. General KnowledgeCurrent affairs
Which of the following south Africa can cities hosted the 2010 FIFA world cup final between spain and Netherlands no july 11, 2010. General KnowledgeCurrent affairs
Scientists, on may 5, 2010, announced to have discovered a bright reddish-oranged coloured frog with multiple glands from the national park in India.General KnowledgeCurrent affairs
On which date did craig ventor and his team announced to have built the genome of a bacterium to make the world’s first synthetic life? General KnowledgeCurrent affairs
Which country on may 19, 2010, announced to have cloned a fighting bull, named got for the first time?General KnowledgeCurrent affairs
Troops from U.S Britain, france and former soviet states joined Russian soldiers to mark the 65th anniversary of victory in world war on __________, 2010. General KnowledgeCurrent affairs
________, BBC’s test match special commentator, was on may 5, 2010, announced to serve as the next president of Marylebone cricket club. General KnowledgeCurrent affairs
The anti imperialist Anglo-Irish writer, _______, was posthumously awarded a special one-off “lost” booker prize for his novel troubles, published in 1970, on may 19, 2010. General KnowledgeCurrent affairs
Social activist _______, on may 13, 2010, received the niwano peace prize for 2010 for her contribution to the uplift of a poor woman in india/General KnowledgeCurrent affairs
The 63rd cannes festival opened with the premiere of ridley scott’s “Robin Hood” in ________ on may 13, 2010. General KnowledgeCurrent affairs

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