My Trip to Bengdubi, West Bengal

Recently I had a national basketball tournament in Bengdubi, West Bengal and it is only 20 kilometers from Siliguri.

The organizers had arranged a Whiteliner Volvo Bus that was supposed to take 20 players from Kolkata to our destination. It was a 13 hour journey from bus and a real fun experience to pass your time with your friends in a bus and that too late at night. We had top class food and snacks starting from drinks to fast food to Chili Chicken we had everything!

The Journey to Begdubi

In the night journey we boarded the bus from Esplanade at 7:00pm. We started the journey by 7:30pm. When the journey began we had fun with all the kids at the back most seat cracking jokes.

The journey had one problem that the bus service was non-stop so if you have any personal bathroom problems the driver will not stop the bus.

In the morning we had entered the forest regions and had exited Kolkata in the night, with all the beautiful forest and farming in sight it was a wonderful view. In the morning we could not do brushing of the teeth and this was a very big problem. We reached Bagdogra where were picked up buy Army Buses to be taken to Bengdubi.

Bagdogra is a famous shopping destination for many people across India as it is one of the most cheapest and fair price shops. We reached Bagdogra by 10 in the morning. We reached our barracks/home in 11 after the Army buses dropped the girls out first.

Bengdubi is a small army encampment where the Army is totally wide-spread and has vast amount of open area and forests. It is a beautiful camp with all type of scenery and hundreds of types of birds and animals. With small streams to tea garden it is a very beautiful place to visit. The mountains are also visible from Bengdubi and it always has a wonderful weather.

Night used to fall very quickly at nearly 5:20pm and gave us no time to roam round the beautiful small town. I used to get up at 4:30 in the morning and used to go for a 10 km jogging, which was more fun than exercise as the scenery which were present were just awesome! In the morning all the flowers will be open and as the day used to go by they closed, so I got the opportunity to see them in the morning. Birds chirping, sound of the streams, lovely morning breezes and to disclose the lovely morning was always a LEECH!

Bengdubi only had one serious threat that was Elephants! The army present there take up night duty for the protection of the common people in Bengdubi. The army has even put up warning boards and the description of what do when you are present in that situation. The army say that the lonely elephant possess the biggest threat as they have nowhere to go and will destroy anything that comes in their way.

Now to come to the matches for which person I had gone there, there were ten teams and we came third and there are many experiences in the matches and outside the matches. I had been awarded the Best Player of the Tournament, Best Feeder of the Tournament and the Top Scorer of the Tournament.

Bengdubi overall is a very beautiful place to visit and stay and you can also feel very safe with all the Army protection. It has all the beautiful mountains, gardens and animals. If you would like to visit Bengdubi try contacting bus services like Whiteliner or Royal Cruiser as they provide very good services.

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