Save Our Earth

We live on this earth. Earth is like our mother. It gives us food, shelter and protection. We need many things to survive. Our primary and secondary needs are met by nature.
The bounties of nature are great and we cannot live aloof from them. We cannot live without air because it provides us oxygen. Without air we are doomed to die.
But see what a mess of air we are making around us! We have millions of transports of all kinds polluting air. Then there are factories and industries exhuming dangerous particles into the air. They all pollute air. Actually, we are playing havoc with the things we need for our very survival.
We are not only polluting air; rather we are polluting all bounties of nature. Water another precious gift of nature. Water is also necessary for our survival. The water we get in municipal taps is recycled one. It is cleaned in large recycling plants and then supplied to our houses. Our earth has limited quantity of water. If we pollute it fully, we are sure to die for want of fresh water.
Nature has given us colourful surroundings. There are trees, plants and vegetation. These things too are absolutely necessary for our survival. Trees turn carbon dioxide into oxygen and they provide us food. Whatever we eat is begot from trees and plants. Pulses, cereals, vegetables, fruits-all of them grow on trees and plants. The importance of trees cannot be over-emphasised. Even many of the medicines we use, are made of substances got from trees.
But what we do? We cut trees to get fire wood to use as fuel, timber to make buildings and furniture, and for several other purposes. If we continue to fell trees as ruthlessly as we do now, the day is not far when we shall deprive ourselves of our food and oxygen. The mindless felling of trees has affected the most important ingredient of the earth that is life. Besides human beings, there are animals, reptiles and birds. They existed on this earth millions of years before human beings took the present shape. But in the quest of advancement and modernity, we have done much harm to them. They add to the colourfulness of our surroundings, but the way we are destroying their habitats for game or food, there is apprehension that a large number of species would become extinct.
Once lion was the king of the forest. Now-a-days it can hardly be found but in circuses and zoos. Tigers are numbered. According to various surveys, if man continues with his destructive ways, most of the species would become extinct. According to a report, several hundred species of birds, fish and animals are disappearing from this earth. If it continues, there would be animals only in books. In such a case, we shall deprive ourselves of many things that we get from them. Where shall we get leather, milk, eggs and mutton, if we kill them all?
Therefore, we should wake up before it is too late and try to preserve natural bounties; else our life will lose its meaning. It will be rendered boring and futile.


Author: Snehasish04 Nov 2009 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Tanu, nice binus cash for you. you have clearly mention all details how to save our earth. but, people won't follow this..
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