Hindu Saint of Bengal: Lokenath Bramhachari Baba

Birthday of Lokenath Bramhachari Baba: Janmashtami, 1730
Father name of Lokenath Baba: Late Ramanarayan
Mother name of Lokenath Baba: Late Kamala Devi
Spiritual Guru of Lokenath Baba: Shri Bhagwan Ganguly
Lokenath Baba left his physical body: 19th of Jyestha, 1890

Biography of Sri Sri Lokenath Bramhachari Baba

Sree Sree Lokenath Baba born on 1730 AD to the ‘Ghoshal' family in Chakla of North 24-Parganas of Bengal. Lokenath Bramhachari was the fourth child in a lineage of male descendants. The infant or childhood of Lokenath Bramhachari Baba spent in studies of the Scriptures and by traveling holy places with his spiritual guru Shri Bhagwan Ganguly.

Sri Sri Lokenath Baba was nearly 7-feet tall with little flesh (thin physic). Baba Lokenath never thoguht of self pleasure and was an ascetic. Baba Lokenath spent many consecutive nights without closing his eyes while praying in his early days and could even negate sleep on his will. Sri Lokenath Baba was the great soul who have come mankind to lead & uplift their lives and to inspire them to master the art of living through happiness & purity. Lokenath Baba is one of the fewest legendary Hindu Saint who still glitters in million of Bengali Hear and marked his name all across India and abroad as well.
Lokenath Baba was born in the year 1730 on ‘Janmastami Tithi' (Janmastami known as the Birthday of Lord Sri Krishna) to ‘Ramnarayan Ghoshal' & ‘Kamaladevi' in a village named ‘Chaurasi', Chakla (Chakla is just a couple of miles from Kolkata). The Life of Lokenath Baba initiated to the service of the God from his childhood under Pandit Bhagwan Ganguly, who taught Lokenath Baba the Mantras of Shashtra in the village ‘Kochuya' (situated beside Chakla). Lokenath Baba left his home and parents only at the age of 11 with his Guru Ji and sacrificed all the general comforts of life. Lokenath Baba practiced ‘Ashtanga Yoga' and ‘Hatha Yoga' for 25-years from the age of 11 in a forest of Bengal, then after Lokenath Baba went to Himalayan claves for Nude Meditation for sacrificing his life to serve the mankind selflessly. At the age of 90; Lokenath Bramhachari Baba attained enlightenment.

Lokenath Bramhachari Baba, seven feet tall saint with less flash & skeletal structure, able to keep his name to every people of the World through his selfless helps and way of leading. Millions people of the world follows his precious preaching of love (Vani) and the way he showed.

Lokenath Bramhachari Baba left his physical body forever on 19th of Jyestha, 1890 (Bengali 1297 son) at 11:45am during his meditation and with his open eyes. The eyes of Lokenath Baba is still open and will be open for coming years to see & to show the correct path to the mankind.
Lokenath Bramhachari Baba

Ashrams, Temples of Lokenath Bramhachari Baba

Birthplace & Temple of Lokenath Baba at Chakla, Bengal
Other temples of Lokenath Bramhachari Baba in Bengal are Kochuya (near to Chakla), Teghoria (situated on VIP Road of Kolkata), Lokenath Divine Mission (Kasba, South kolkata) & Barodi (Bangladesh).

‘Raane Bone, Jaale Jungle; Jekhane Bipode Poribe;
Amake Swaran Korio; Amii e Raksha Koribo…'


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