BA History Honors Third Paper 2009: Burdwan University

Get the Questions of Bardhaman University Exam Papers of B.A. History (Hons) Paper-3 in 2009.

Try out the 2009 Questions of B.A. History Honours Paper-III of Degree Course under Burdwan University, Bardhaman, West Bengal.

Time:Three Hours Full Marks:100
The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

1.Answer any eight of the following quetions each in more than one sentence: 2x8=16

a)What is the "Third estate"?

b)Mention the names of two Freanch philosophers of the eighteenth century. Name at least one each of their writings. (2)

c)What do you mean by the Age of Metternich?

d)Who was Richeleau?

e)What do you understand by mercantilism?

f)what was the Spining Jenny? Who invented it?

g)Whay is 1848 regarded as the year of revolution in Europe?

h)Who were the Carbonaries? Why were they called so?

i)What was the Monroe Doctrine?

j)Whose assassinatio on 28 June 1914 sparked off the First World War? Where did the
assassination take place?

k) Between whom was the treaty of Sevres (1920)signed?

l) What was the Dawes Plan?

m) In which year was the Yalta Conference held?Name any two leaders present in this conference.

n) What are the main organs of the U.N.O.? Name the permanent members in the United Nations'
security council.
(Turn Over)

2. Answer any six of the following quetion: 6x6=36

a) What led to the Reign of Terror? Which two committes implemented the Reign of Terror? (5+1)

b) Why did Napoleon introduce the Continental System? What was the Berlin Decree? (5+1)
c) What were the implication of the July Revolution in Europe? What was the st. Claud ordinance?
d) Examine the significance of the Greek War of Independence. Name the first king of
Independent Greece. (5+1)
e) Write a hort note on the Young Italy Movement. What do you understand by Resorgimento?
f) Discuss the economic reforms of Napolcon III. When did he become the Emperor of France?
g) Write a short note on Utopian sociolism. Name a Britih Utopian socialist.
h) What were the achievements of the Congress of Berlin (1878)? Between which two countries
was the Treaty of san stefano signed? (4+2)

i) What were the reasons for the success of the Bolshevik Revolution (1917)? Which treaty did Bolshevik Russia sing with Germany in 1918? (5+1)
j) Analye the causes of the fall of the weimar Repulic in Germany. Who was Gustav Stresemann?

3. Answer any four question: 12x4=48

a) How far was the French Constituent Assembly (1789-91)successful in eradicating the evils of the 'Ancient Regime'? Name any two leading members of the Constituent Assembly. (10+2)

b) To what extent were the Napoleonic reforms revolutionary? What was the 'Code Napoleon'?
(7) (Continued)

c) Analyse the principles of the Vienna Congress. What was Talleyrand's role in this Conference?
d) Examine the significance of the Crimean War in European history. How did this war help the Italian unification movment? (10+2)
e) How did Bismarck help in unifing Germany in 1871? What was meant by the 'policy of blood
and iron'? (10+2)
f) How far was the Treaty of Versailles a 'Dictated Peace'? What was Clemenceau's role in
formulating the terms of this Treaty?

g) How would you explain the rise of Fascism in Italy? When and with whom did Mussolini sign
the Treaty of Lateran? (10+2)

h) How far were the Axis Power responsible for the outbreak of the econd World War? Which two
countries declared war against Germany on 3rd September 1939? (10+2)

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