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English Poem Name: The Solitary Reaper
Author: Wiliam worths Worth

Short Questions of English Paper

1. Where dose the poet see the reaper girl in The Solitary Reaper?
Ans. The poet sees the reaper girl in a lonely valley of Scotland.

2. What is the girl in the poem The Solitary Reaper doing?
Ans. The girl is reaper and binding corns while singing at the same time.

3. Dose the girl stop singing while she binds the grain?
Ans. No, the girl goes on sinning even while binding the corn.

4. "Stop here or gently pass!"---- To whom dose the poet say these?
Ans. The poet says this to passer-by who use the path skirting the fild, where the solitary girl works and sings.

5. What is the meaning of the word-'melancholy strain'?
Ans. Melancholy strain means sad song.

6. Which two singing birds are mentioned in The Solitary Reaper?
Ans. The two singing bird mention in The Solitary Reaper are the nightingale and the cuckoo.

7. Why does the poet say "Stop here or gentle pass!"?
Ans. The poet says these because he does not want the reaper's song to be interrupted by anyone.

8. What is the simple meaning of "shady haunt among Arabian sands"?
Ans. The simple meaning of the phrase an oasis in the Arabian Desert.

9. What is 'Hebrides'?
Ans. 'Hebrides' is a group of island in the north west of Scotland.

10. "Breaking the silence of the sea among the farthest Hebrides"--------- How is the 'silence of the seas' broken?
Ans. The 'silence of the seas is broken with the arrival of spring by the voice of a cuckoo.

11. "Will no one tell me what she sings?"-----Who is see refer to here?
Ans. The solitary highland girl reaping and sing in a deep valley is refer to here as 'she'.

12. Why does the poet have to guess what the solitary reaper sings in The Solitary Reaper?
Ans. As the solitary reaper is singing in a language unknown to the poet, he has to guess about what she sings.

13. What is meant by plaintive numbers?
Ans. 'Plaintive numbers' means sad song.

14. What did the poet do when he listened to the song of the reaper in the poem The Solitary Reaper?
Ans. The poet stood motionless and silent while listening to the song of the reaper.

15. "I listen motionless and still" ----Why did the poet listen to the song in that maner?
Ans. The poet was so charmed by the song that he listens to it motionless and still.

16. "The music in my heart I bore"-----Who is 'I' here? Whose music is referred to here?
Ans. 'I' refer to the poet William Words worth in the poem The Solitary Reaper.
The music of the solitary high land girl is refer to here.

17. What is meant by 'The music in my heart I bore'?
Ans.It's means that the poet stored the song in his memory.

18. When was the song 'heard no more' in poem The Solitary Reaper?
Ans.When the poet went up the hill he could hear the song no more.

19. In which meter is the poem The Solitary Reaper composed?
Ans.The poem The Solitary Reaper is composed in ballad meter.

20. What is meant by the word lass in the poem The Solitary Reaper?
Ans.Lass means girl in the poem The Solitary Reaper.

21. With which the solitary reaper cutting the grain?
Ans.The solitary reaper was cutting the grain with a sickle.

Short Descriptive Questions:

1. Stop here or gently pass! --- Why does the sparker say this?
Ans. The poet is so charmed by the sweet song of the solitary reaper that he does not want anybody to disturb her in her song. Thus he asks the passer by either to listen to the song or to pass by gently.

2. What are the poet's guesses about the theme of the solitary reaper song?
Ans.The song of the solitary reaper has a sad tone. So the poet guesses that it about some unhappy incidents like battle of long past. It may all so be about so common sorrow, lass or pain of the present time.

3.'More welcome notes to weary bands
Of travelers in some shady haunt '---------- Why are the notes called welcome notes?
Ans.The tired travelers were seeking shelter. So the notes of the nightingale in a lonely desert seemed to welcome them to
a shady resting place.Thus the notes are called welcome notes.

4. To what does Words worth compear the song of the solitary reaper ?
Ans.Words worth compared the song of the high land girl to that of a nightingale and a cuckoo. The girl song was more
welcome then song of a nightingale,heard by some tired travelers in the Arabian desert. It was also more thriling than
the voice of a cuckoo, heard in spring in the far of hebrides.

5. "Breaking the silence of the seas among the farthest Hebrides"------- What is meant by silent of seas? How does the silent break?
Ans. 'The silence of the seas' means stirless,lifeless,still atmosphere of the frozen seas in the north west of the Scotland.
The deep silence is shattered in spring by the thrilling voice of the cuckoo.

6."Will no one tell me what she sings?"------- Why is the poet not sure about the theme of the song?
Ans. The poet is charmed by the highland girls' song But he doesn't understand the meaning of the song because she is singing in Gealic which is unknown to the poet.

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