Communicative English Question Paper of WB Higher Secondary (Vocational) Examination, 2010.

Here is the Communicative English Paper of Higher Secondary (Vocational)Examination under West Bengal State Council Of Vocational Education & Training. The paper includes seven questions to test the english language skill of the examinee. Candidates preparing for the exam can be benifitted from the exam paper submitted below.

Higher Secondary (Vocational)Examination-2010.
Class: XII
(For Regular & Casual Candidates)
Subject : Cummunicative English.

Time Allowed : 2 Hours.
Full Marks : 50.

1. Answer any two (Each in signal sentence): [ 1 x 2=2]

(a) What is technique?

(b) Give an example of transformation of simple tools to machines by human.

(c) What is the meaning of the world 'purgatory' in the prose."The school that I would like"?

(d) What did Johnny demolish?

2. Answer any two (Each in about 30 wards): [ 3 x 2=6]

(a) What are the aspects of machines?

(b) "--------- but the basic pattern is always the same."--- Discuss briefly.

(c) What kind of atmosphere should there be in the ideal school?

(d) 'Johnny is by no means unique' --- Why Johnny by no means unique?

3. Answer any two (Each in about 50-60 words): [ 6 x 2 =12]

(a) "More advanced civilizations have more complex technology."---Explain briefly.

(b) Why does Bronowski say that technology progress has been a natural continuation of earlier trends?

(c) Give a pen-picture of the history class in an ideal school.

(d) What is your opinion about Johnny's behavior in the class and his punishment? Give reasons for your answer.

4. Answer any two (Each in about 30 words): [ 3 x 2= 6]

(a) Justify the title of the poem "where the mind is without fear."

(b) Why was the song heard no more?

(c) Where did Wordsworth come across the solitary girl and when ?

(d) What does Rabindranath Tagore protest against in the "Where the mind is without fear"?

5. Answer ant two (Each in single sentence) : [ 1 x 2 = 2]

(a) What work was the solitary reaper doing while singing?

(b) What are the 'plaintive numbers'?

(c) How does Rabindranath Tagore describe the domestic walls?

(d) What according to Rabindranath Tagore should words come out from?

6. Answer any two (Each in 50-60 words) : [ 6 x 2 =12]

(a) How does Wordsworth describe the song of the Solitary Reaper?

(b) Can the poem "The Solitary Reaper" be considered as a true romantic poem?-- Justify.

(c) " Where the mind is led forward by thee into ever widening thought and action"--- Explain.

(d) " Where knowledge is free"-- Explain.

7. Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow : [4 x 2.5 = 10]

The state environment department has issued a set of guidelines for construction activities to combat air pollution. The rules, to be effective from January 1, 2010, will apply to all builders, contractors and infrastructure developers, in private and public sectors. Those violating the norms will be penalized.

A senior environment department official said survey conducted by State Pollution Control Board with the help of the Asian Development Bank, revealed that construction activities were a major source of air pollution in Kolkata and its surroundings.
The study also mentioned that burning of tires in hot mix plant as fuel during construction and melting coal tar for road repairs released noxious fumes.

(a) Why a set of guidelines is issued?

(b) When the rule will be effective?

(c) Who conducted the survey?

(d) What do you mean by air pollution?

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