Cyber Crime Lab in Kolkata, West Bengal

Inauguration of cyber crime lab in Kolkata is done. In this post you will find information about cyber crime and some simple tips to prevent yourself from being victim of cyber crime. Adress of Kolkata cyber crime cell.

Cyber crime or crime in virtual world may be defined as illegale use of computers and internet, in order to steal a person's internet id, bypass network servers or disrupt operations with malevolent programs. All these activities are termed as cyber crime.These crime's are punishable by law.

Kolkata gets its first cyber crime lab

City of joy Kolkata gets its first cyber crime lab. When India is ready to celebrate its 65th Independence day. The day which symbolize victory of India, which India gained after lots of struggle. Today India is fighting against corruptions and crime in order to provide a better place where every one can live happily. Taking a step forward to prevent cyber crime and punish offensive people. Cyber crime lab was inaugurated by IT minister Partha Chatterjee at lalbajar Kolkata. These is the first cyber crime lab in eastern India, and seventh in India.The lab proposal was made in 2009 after the inauguration of Bangalore cyber lab, but could not came into existence due to lack of confidential financial backing and the CPM-led government's unwillingness. The lab has been set up with help from Nasscom. These lab will help in training police in investigating cyber crimes and will act as a resource centre. These lab will also have the facilities to clone any hard disk within minute. Last year, in August 2010, a cyber crime police station was opened at Lalbazar.

Some major cyber crimes investigated at Cyber crime labs in Kolkata

  • Hacking: People who are masters in computer programming language perform this hacking either for their personal reason or for monetary gain. Getting access to a computer programme or computer, illegally or without authorization is called hacking.
  • Child pornography: Any content on internet which contains pornography either in written or in visual format and is easily accessible by children's without any parental guidance is called child pornography. Motive behind child pornography is to collect personal information of children's guardians, all this happens by gaining faith of children's with personal chat in chat rooms.
  • Software piracy: With lots of expenditure and research companies develop computer programme or computer softwares. These computer software are made to be sold commercially. Unauthorized copying or Counterfeit software and distributing is software piracy.
  • Virus distribution: A computer virus is a program that can infect other computer programs by modifying them to perform for what these virus are designed or programmed for.Viruses can spread themselves, without the knowledge or permission of the users. A computer virus passes from computer to computer like a biological virus passes from person to person. Viruses are often classified as Trojan Horses and Worms. A Trojan Horse virus is one that harmless on computer hardware but, Torjan Horses destroys files or programs. Worm attacks the computer's operating system and keeps on attacking again and again,until the system finally crashes.
  • Phishing: A false e-mail sent to a user appearing, like real mail set by reputed company or enterprise, in order to scam the user for surrendering his private information.The e- mail directs the user to visit a Web site where he is asked to update personal information, such as credit card passwords, social security, and bank account numbers. In realty the web site link provide in the e-mail is bogus and set up only to steal the user information.

  • Importance of cyber crime lab.

    With the influence of internet in our day to day life, someone some were on a given day becomes victim of cyber crime. Many people who are victim don't know how to coop with the situation. If a person is target and exploited in cyber world, first step is to report his nearest police station or cyber crime cell and For
    more details, visit Cyber crime lab plays important role in solving these cyber crime cases. Equipped with all resources its helps in preventing cyber crime in the city.

    Few essential tips to keep yourself safe from cyber hacking

    • Nothing is free of cost, if someone offers you free money on internet then consider that person as a scammer.
    • Always use a branded anti-virus software for your personal pc. Update it on regular basis and scan your pc everyday if its possible. Downloads and removable drives are to be scanned thoroughly before using it.
    • Always use a strong password, try to use passwords with numbers and alphabets. Don't let your browsers remember your password because hackers can get your password from your computer if you have selected your browser to
      remember your passwords .Don't write or save your password in your computer, paper or any other thing. Just keep your password in your
      mind to protect your e-mail or other social networking site accounts.
    • Don't give your e-mail id to a person or website unless, you know that person personally or you trust and have all the basic information of that site. Sometimes the hackers sends a messages to your e-mail id stating that ""there is an error in your Account,
      Please login to fix it." When you will login to fix the error the hackers will get your password.
    These are few but important tips one should always take care

    How to report a cyber crime?

    Write an application addressing the head of cyber crime cell investigation. You may need to provide the following possible
    information, along with an application letter.

    • Your name,
    • Your mailing address,
    • Your telephone number,
    • Mention all the details on how the offence was committed, and if you doubt someone provide his or her name along with addresses and any other relevant information.

    Detail address of Kolkata cyber crime cell

    Cyber Crime Cell
    Kolkata Police
    Email ID: cybercrime@
    Telephone Nos.
    +91-33 -2214-1420
    +91-33 -2250-5120


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