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Learn more about Bengal (Amar sonar Bangla). Planning to move to Kolkata or any part of West Bengal ? Go through our resources and you will find everything that you need in Kolkata and other parts of Bengal.

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Goutam Chattopadhaya, founder of Bangla Band in Bengal

Goutam Chattopadhaya and Bangla Band is complementary. It is our bad luck that we have not got his full potential. He passed away in early age. Still we remember him as the father figure of Bangla Band. His Mohiner Ghoraguli is one of the popular album. Today we may have lots of Band, but Mohiner Ghoraguli?

IFSC code, most necessary part in internet banking

With the advancement of technology banking system has changed a lot. People are gradually becoming friendly with netbanking, ATM, Credit card, Debit card etc. Now I would like to share two very familier word IFSC code and MICR code. These are the two important words in core banking.

Aurobindo Bhavan, a place to visit in Kolkata

Hardly there is anyone from Bengali community not aware with the name of Shri Aurobindo Ghosh. You may or may not be spiritually inclined Aurobindo Bhavan is such a place you cannot stop going there. If you enjoy silence then probably in Kolkata it is the right place. Even you can enjoy library as well as many other cultural activity.

Wriddhiman Saha, Cricket Star of Siliguri, West Bengal

Wriddhiman Saha from Siliguri is the new cricket star after Sourav Ganguli. Now-a-days it is possible that cricketers are coming from small cities as well as towns. He is the proof of spreading cricket in India. To common mass he was first noticed in first IPL. People started loving him then onwards.

Hilsa Fish and Bengali Lifestyle, complementary to each other

Hilsa is one of the premium fish in Bengalis life. It is the national fish of Bangladesh as well. Hilsa from Kolaghat are especially different in taste. If you ever need fresh Hilsa, Kolaghat Riverside is the best place to get it. Water pollution is becoming a danger for this fish.

Sudha Murthy, Social Worker and Eminent Author

Sudha Murthy, an Indian social worker and eminent author. She is also known for her philanthropic work through the Infosys Foundation. An Electrical engineer with all middle-class values made her unique. She is one of the popular author in India today.

Heritage building, Narajole Rajbari

The Narajole Rajbari, declared as heritage building by the West Bengal Heritage Commission in 2008

Profile and biography of Bimal Roy, Eminent film maker

The director of Hindi cinema and pride of Bengal and the well-acclaimed film maker of all time Indian film industry. See complete information, profile, biography and some interesting facts about the extra ordinary film director of West Bengal Bimal Roy.

Bowbazar, oldest market of Kolkata

See details about Bowbazar, it is oldest market of Kolkata and one of the most important place of ancient Kolkata where many eminent personalities used to live.

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