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Lost work culture must be bring back in West Bengal

We the Bengal's people want to see that work culture of Bengal must restore within few years which were lost at the time of Left Front government. New chief minister Mamtaa Banerjee appeal to all public servant to work together after forgetting 'You and We' division. She send a fax to all government department for good work culture.

A great hurdle in front of West Bengal’s new chief minister Mamtaa Banerjee

In June 1977 when Joyti Basu came in power in West Bengal he gave flood of promise. Near about 24 years he was in power but he did nothing of his promise. After that Buddhadev came in power with great new promise named "Brand Buddha" but he is totally failure.If Mamtaa Banerjee is able to break all types of bad culture of government employees and do justice for all then Bengal people remember her lifelong.

West Bengal Assembly speaker Hasim Abdul Halim ends his 29 years innings

Hasim Abdul Halim ends his 29 years speaker post on 31st of May 2011 by the election of new speaker. He create a new record in the world for holding the speaker post at a stretch of 29 years.In 1982 he elected second time in west Bengal assembly election and became speaker. He is famous for his good relations with oppositions.

Ten millionares in Mamtaa Banerjee's ministry in West Bengal

Chief minister of west Bengal miss Mamtaa Banerjee use Rs.60/- rubber chappal and go Kolkata to Delhi or Mumbai and use Muri(frying rice) in break fast then it is not expect that all of her ministers do this. Out of 38 minister of Trinamool congress and Congress coalition government it is observed that 10 candidate has more that Rs. 1 crore assets.It has no doubt than it makes contrast with the chief ministers hut in south Kolkata.

West Bengal school teachers get their salary on 1st working day of each month

Left front government of west Bengal gave the salary of school teacher after 10th of each month. For this reason most of the school teachers face their problem in each month.Within five days in power of west Bengal miss Mamtaa Banerjee the chief minister of West Bengal take a great decision. She announced that all school teachers including para teachers, part time teachers and all school staffs will get their salary at the 1st working day of each month and this will effect from july 2011.

Outrage police inspectors should be identified in west Benagal

Can you remember Nandalal Bandhyapadhya? He was the British police sub Inspector and he outraged on the freedom fighter.After freedom there are little bit of change on police work but the outrage police police is still there.We hope that our new chief minister Mamtaa Banerjee must remember on that time when she was threatened by some outrage police and they should be identified by taking footage from any electronic media.

Key behind success of Bengal's new Chief Minister Mrs. Mamtaa Banerjee

Mamtaa Banerjee's always believe in restless fight against corruption, rebel image and friendship with the grass root people. She always behind grass root people against Left Front's dictatorship and for this reason she gradually become a catalyst and controller over common people. She is the only woman political leader in south Asia who does not come from any political leader's family. Now she is the chief minister of West Benagal and take oath in 20th of May 2011.

Future work of CPI(M) in West Bengal after Assembly election result 2011

All other left parties raise their finger to CPI(M) after defeat in assembly election. It is right that CPI(M) does not believe in democracy. This is proved that when Rajjack Mollah, veteran leader of left front raise his finger to the chief minister and industrial minister against their dictatorship.Forget this dictatorship if you really want to do some thing about your party in future other wise you must leave the party and give space to next generation.

Muslim candidates win in large numbers in west Bengal assembly election 2011

Main attraction in west Bengal Bidhan Sabha election 2011 is the winning of large number of Muslim candidates. In this election total fifty five candidates win from different parties which is the good news for Muslim society and which is rare in this state assembly. Though Muslims are only 27% of total voters in west Bengal but all party are busy to oil them.

"Sahitya Bhabna" - Attractive small Bengali magazine

Though generation next is techno shavi today but they also back to hard copy at the end of the day. Their eye find shelter on the page of the book at the day end."Sahitya Bhabna" is fifty two pages small magazine. Mainly it focus on the eminent publisher Badal Basu( nick name Dijendralal basu). Though generation next is techno shavi today but they also back to hard copy at the end of the day. Their eye find shelter on the page of the book at the day end."Sahitya Bhabna" is fifty two pages small magazine.

West Bengal government circulate notice on reservation for poor children in all private school

India government implement started compulsory free education for poor children act-2009. Now the west Bengal government circulate the notice to all private schools "Reservation for all poor children" .From now each private school must reserve 25% of total strength of a particular class from standard I for backward classes.All guardians who are below poverty line and belong to any backward class must submit their prove Certificate (SC/ST/OBC/BPL card etc.) attach with the admission form.

Auto Biography of poor peoples in West Bengal Bidhan Sabha Election 2011

Happiness is your 'ideal', sorrow is our 'real'. Our shout gives you win. You are the king, minister and we are the tenant and Sepoy. Our life and blood gives you win. You play politics and do rally with our dead body on the road and drink our blood as a witch.'You' means Buddhadev, Mamtaa, Biman, Karat, Chidambaram, Pranab, Sonia etc. leaders and we means all people from poor beggars to unemployed people.

Tollywood famous actor Prosenjit again in Bollywood in upcoming film Sanghai

Now Prosenjit Chattapadhaya again join in Bollywood picture after a long time.We will see him a film named Sanghai of great cinema director Dibakar Banerjee's picture. Sanhai is the story of great Greek Nobel Vacilis Vacilicks. Cryptography is written by Dibakar and Urmi Juvekar. produced jointly by Dibakar Banerjee's own production house and P.V.R films. Now it is awaited that how far Bumba da(Prosenjit's nick name) success in his second innings in Bollywood.

Defamed election campaign - West Bengal assembly election 2011

Bengali's proud pulled down by all political parties so called eminent leader during election campaign in west Bengal assembly election 2011.Our democracy cross sixty years but our leaders do not prove their patient,responsibility and appetite. In politics lie, envy, nakedness must be stop in Bengal otherwise they have no right to say the proud of Bengal.

Eminent artist from North 24 Pargana -Manindra Chandra Pal

Artist Manindra Chandra Pal was born in North 24-Pargana. In one side he is the artist of drawing and sculpture on the other hand he is also a great musician in Tabla, Pakhoaj and Sri-Khol musical instrument . He is now writting two research based books on Tal-Tatta and Kirtan-Tatta. He is the regular judge of Nehru Children's Meuseam.

Know some facts about voting process before cast your vote-Assembly election 2011 in West Bengal

Before caste your vote you must observe that when a voter goes inside to cast vote on that time the control unit which is placed beside of presiding officer display a red light which means busy and some one is inside the booth for caste vote.If you have voter identity card then you must bring it. If no Epic card or voter card is issue for you then you can take any one of the following for caste your vote which is declared by election commission.

Eminent Bengal footballer M. A. Sattar died in Kolkata

Eminent Bengal football player Mohammad Sattar died in 24th april 2011 at night in a private nursing home at E.M.bypass, Kolkata. Not only he played great football in Bengal clubs but also he played in Olympic tournament for India. At the time of his dead no body was there. It is shame to say that no body of IFA knows the dead news on that day.

Assembly election in West Bengal 2011-Why controversy arises among people for casting vote?

we can see that if father believe in left party and son goes to right party. In the same way there must be a difference for casting vote to different party from same family. In our body there are crores of DNA present. This chemical element is main responsible for this. DNA generates another chemical element in our body name "RNA". But why their are difference character shows between father and son?

Burdwan District: Some important questions with answer

Burdwan is the mother of Kolkata- who said this? What was the Badsahi name of burdwan? Eminent film artist Kamal Mitra's father was the chairman of burdwan municipality. What was his name? Like these there are several important and interesting curiosity arises many of us but most of us do not know the answer. Burdwan is the proud of Bengal so we must know the answer. Here are some important discussion in question and answer form.

Burdwan district: Some important information and statistics

Burdwan newly Barddhaman is the 3rd largest district of Bengal as per its area.It is well known to all that cultivation and art is popular in this district.It is situated in the south central of Bengal at north 23 degree 53min latitude to 22 degree 56 min south latitude and in longitude 88 degree 25 min east to 88 degree 25 min west.

Bengali culture in India

Bengalies have always excelled in literature, art and drama. Bengali literature developed even before the 12th century. Years back, the Chaitanya movement, a form of Hinduism, which was inspired by saint Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.Traditional music includes devotional as well as cultural songs. Rabindra Sangeet written and composed by Tagore, has Indian classical touch.The works of Satyajit Ray, Tapan Sinha, Mrinal Sen and Aparna Sen are notable in particular.

Eminent Bengali news reader Tarun Chakraborty

The eminent bengali news reader Tarun Chakraborty's voice attract all listeners in the bengal till today. After Debdulal Bandhapadhya any one can say that Tarun Chakraborty is reading the news just hear his voice. Mainly he is popular from radio news reader. His long life young voice attract till today each person of bengal.

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