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What can change Bengal in terms of development & Identification

This issue is very serious for the changes,people of Bengal is waiting for.People should understand the need of the condition and proceed on it accordingly,Bringing new govt in the power is not enough for development it requires a lot of such changes to bring in brief..........

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee put ban on newspaper

West Bengal Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee has banned some dailies in government libraries. According to her, some newspapers are doing too much politics and publishing news against the government. The oppositions have described it as "unpardonable offence". Read this article to know more about this issue.

Yuvraj Singh suffering from Lung cancer

Indian Cricket Yuvraj Singh is fighting with Cancer. Here we will get to know the details about health condition, problems, expected time require for recovery and other details of Left Handed Batsman & bowler Yuvraj Singh.

End of Raj Kanwar - Film Director Passes away

Legendary Hindi Movie Director of India Raj Kanwar is no more. Director Raj Kanwar died on 3rd February 2012 at the age of 50 only. Let's check out the details why, how, where our beloved director Raj Kanwar died and what are the hit movies Raj Kanwar had directed in his life.

New Projects taken by Ms. Mamata Banerjee

West Bengal Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee has announced her future projects today in a Kolkata Meet where she declares these mentioned projects to be done in coming years in West Bengal. As per the new projects, there will be more medical colleges, scope of recruitment and reward programs to be offered by State Government.

Com-Fest at St Xavier's School, Burdwan

Com-Fest is an annual event started at St Xavier's school of Burdwan last year only. This is the second Com-Fest held at Burdwan Xavier's. Com-Fest will be held on 29th July. For further informations about this fest visit this page.

Bengali Language Translator – Free Software

Are you looking for Free Software to Translate Any Language to Bangla or to Translate Bangla language to any other language? Here is the Free Translator Software to convert any language to Bengali and also Bengali to any other language.

Live IPL 2011 on Airtel 3G in west Bengal

Bharti airtel launched its 3G services in West Bengal. Most exciting feature of 3G service is the Airtel Mobile TV which enables the customers to watch Live IPL 2011 matches on Mobile TV

Industries in Kharagpur

Kharagpur is known as Industrial town other than IIT and Railway.

Technolgy in the next few years

The technology in different gadgets and electronics as well as cars are continually developing in a vast rate and in the next few years many possible items will be launched in the market, the latest technologies and machineries.

DJ Nights at Roxy Restaurant of Kolkatta

In this upcoming Friday Roxy restaurant of Kolkatta isd organizing a grand party named Wasted Friday at Roxy. In this party you will get maximum alcohol with lots of beverages. Read this full article to get all information about DJ nights at roxy.

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