Bengali Recipes of West Bengal

Bengali Recipes of West Bengal

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Amer Chatni-Tangy Sweet Chatni

Amer Chatni is a sweet chatni recipe that is prepared almost in every Bengali household. It is very easy to cook and takes very little time. This chatni goes well during hot summer days with rice and dal. Read this article to know how to preapre this tasty chatni.

Mutton Korma-Delicious Mutton Preparation

Any preparation with mutton is a very favorite dish for any Bengali. Mutton Korma is a very tasty preparation and is very much liked by everyone. Though it is a very rich and tasty mutton curry but it is easy to prepare. It is mainly prepared on any festive day and this preparation goes well with Briyani, Plain Rice or Naans. Read this full article to get details of how to prepare this tasty dish.

Chingri Macher Kalia-Delicoious dish of Bengal

Chingri Macher Kalia is a very tasty recipe of Bengalis. Bengalis are very fond of Chingris and any preparation made with this will be great to have in Lunch or dinner. This Chingri Macher Kalia preparation goes well with hot rice. As this preparation has little gravy one can also have this with hot chapattis. just read this full article to get the details of how to prepare this tasty item.

How to make a cool summer 'FRUIT SALAD' recipe?

On a hot sultry noon, one always seeks for something cool to drink or to eat. Well, ice-creams and cold drinks are there but these fall into 'junk category'. So, in order to have something refreshing, tasty, cool and juicy although healthy, here is a quick and short summer recipe of FRUIT SALAD.

Sorshe Pabda - A delicious Fish recipe

Sorshe Pabda preparation is a traditional fish recipe of Bengal. This delicious Bengali recipe is very easy to cook and the taste is totally different from other fish preparation because of the flavor of mustard. It is generally served with hot rice or pulao. Read this article to know how to prepare this delicious dish.

Bhindi Bhaji - Nice Vegetable Dish

In this article i would like to share with you how to prepare delicious Bhindi Bhaji in twenty minutes. One can serve Bhindi Bhaji with hot Rotis or Parathas. One can also have the same with Rice also. Its one of the favourite dishes among vegetarians.

Lau Chingri(Lauki with Prawn) - A very delicious Bengali dish

Lau Chingri is a traditional hot favourite dish in Bengali household. It is a delicious preparation combining of sweet bottle gourd (Lau) and small spicy chingris. It is mainly served with steamed rice but it can also be taken with hot chapattis. it is a well known Durga Puja dish. Read this article to know how to prepare this dish.

Posto Bora--Delicious Bengali recipe

Posto Bora is one of the favourite preparations of all Bengalis. Posto is almost common in a Bengali household and making posto bora is very much liked by all Bengalis. This recipe is also very easy to cook and takes very less time to cook it. Read this full article to get the details of how to prepare this recipe.

Fish Cutlets: In your Microwave

A healthy alternative to the regular deep fried cutlet, these delicately flavoured cutlets make a very bright meal served with lettuce, tomatoes and fries. This Fish Cutlet is practically Baked in Microwave + Grill option not fried. So lesser calories, Healthy and tasty too.

Egg and Sooji Pakora served hot with sauce or chutney

Egg and Sooji Pakora is a very delicious snacks item.This can be served hot with cutney or sauce. It is very easy to prepare and is liked by almost all people. The ingredients are easily available in our home. Read this article to know how to prepare this chatpata item in your own home.

Malpua-Popular Bengali Sweet Dish

Malpua is a traditional and very popular sweet dish of Bengal. Almost in every sweet shop in Bengal you will found this tasty sweet. It is very easy to cook also and can be served hot after dinner as a sweet dish. Read this article to get the details how to prepare this item.

Tel Koi - Delicious Bengali fish recipe

Tel Koi is a very delicious Bengali fish item. This can be served hot with steamed rice during lunch. This recipe is also easy to cook and is liked by almost every Bengalis. Read this full article to know how to prepare this hot dish in your own home.

Lemon Rice: In Microwave

This is one of my favorite recipes. This is really a great recipe for using left over rice. This recipe requires only 5 minutes for preparation and only 7 minutes for cooking. This really a very good menu in this summer. And by this menu you can utilise your leftover rice and serve them as new.

Aloo Potol diye Macher Jhol

Aloo potol diye macher jhol is more or less Bengali’s everyday item during lunch. This recipe is perfect for a simple light lunch in hot summer days. This recipe is also very easy to cook and the ingredients required required are always present in a Bengali house. Read this article to get details how to cook this recipe.

Gajar Ka Hawla: In Microwave

We all have this sweet dish at least once. You can take a try in your Microwave with in 15 minutes. This can also prepared by Sugarfree for those who are really calorie conscious. So are you trying this Sweety Sweet Dish for your family and friends?? Please take a try..

Masala Bhindi or Stuffed Bhindi (Ladies Finger): In Microwave

Bhindi or Ladies finger is really a delicious food and it has got a very good food value. Today I am going to show you Masala Bhindi and that too in Microwave. This is a very simple dish although it’s really lip smacking. It takes only 8 – 10 minutes to cook and the preparation time is around 5 minutes. So next time you are making a Bhindi recipe please take a try for Masala Bhndi or Stuffed Bhindi.

Jeera Aloo: In Microwave

In bengal, we eat Aloo everyday in many forms. Today its Jeera Aloo, which goes very well with Roti/ Paratha or even with Rice. Its very simple to make specially in Microwave. It takes only 8 minutes to cook and the preparion time is approx 5 minutes. Please take a try, hope you will like it.

Bengali Tomato Chutney: In Microwave

Now a days we use Microwave a lot in our cooking. So this Bengali Chutney is here for you in Microwave. This is a typical Bengali Chutney which you can keep for a month in the fridge and enjoy.To make this Chutney you only need 10 minutes preparation time and 15 minutes cooking time.

Stuffed Paratha - Potato filling have extra-strong flavours, these warm parathas disappear fast.

A nourishnig breakfast makes a good start to the day. We find all excuses for skipping breakfast. When we skip breakfast, we also miss out on the relaxation that a meal should bring. We should all sit down and enjoy our breakfast together. These some minutes of togetherness early in the morning bring us closer to each other. One way to gather the family around the breakfast table is to provide variety and excitement in the foods you serve. Here is a preparation that will please every group.

Taker Dal: Yellow Dal with Green Mango

Boiled yellow Dal with green mango is a real must have in the Summer season in Bengali Lunch. You can have this Taker Dal with Rice. Serve the Taker Dal little cold. Because the hot taker dal will taste bitter. Taker dal has a very good food value as well, because of the Green Mango and the Bhindi. Both are very necessary for the summer to beat the heat.

Vegetable Bread Patties

A nourishing breakfast makes a good start to the day. Breakfast means breaking the night's fast ending the long gap in the intake of food since dinner time. Sliced bread is a shortcut in making these quick and easy patties filled with diced vegetables. This can be an important meal in the breakfast.

Bhapa Ilish or Steamed Hilsa

This is a Signature Bengali Dish which has to be on all important menus when Ilish /Hilsa is in season. Ilish /Hilsa fish in a mustard sauce steamed to perfection with mustard oil is a sensuous experience. There are two ways of doing this, in a steamer and in the oven.

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