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Eminent Bengal footballer M. A. Sattar died in Kolkata

Eminent Bengal football player Mohammad Sattar died in 24th april 2011 at night in a private nursing home at E.M.bypass, Kolkata. Not only he played great football in Bengal clubs but also he played in Olympic tournament for India. At the time of his dead no body was there. It is shame to say that no body of IFA knows the dead news on that day.

Bengal football player Nazrul Haque passes away at Lavpur in Birbhum district

Veteran football player Nazrul Haque of Birbhum passes away.At eighty four years old he died. He played in arian club for a long time.On that time he also got offer from Mohan Bagan club.He died in lavpur health center.All persons from Birbhum know his name as a great footballer. Till death he remembered that event when the secretary of Mohan Bagan club offered him to join in the Mohan Bagan and he refused that offer due to his family problem.
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