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Digha - Most Popular Tourist Spot of West Bengal

Bengal’s popularity as a tourist spot is increasing day by day. Digha is a very popular weekend tourist destination for people residing in Bengal and also outside Bengal. Digha sea beach is very famous. One can start for Digha any Friday and be back by Sunday or latest by Monday. The relaxation for two-three days will help one to come back and restart the daily life with more energy. You will feel refreshed. This article gives a detailed description of Digha. Read the article to know more about Digha.

Digha – Popular Tourist Place in West Bengal

Bengal is a place where a number of tourist spots and religious places are present. These places are centre of attraction for the people of Bengal as well as people from all over India come to these places to get mental peace and for fun. In this article I will discuss everything in detail about the tourist places in Digha.

Transportation inside Digha

Digha is a popular holiday destination in West Bengal. It is one of the most favoured place for the tourists visiting Bengal. This tourist destination is a attraction for people both in and out of the state. To know about the transportation network of Digha visit this page.
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