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Sociology and cultural criticism in Kolkata

This work seeks to compare the cultural productions of two socio-economic groups of Bengalis in nineteenth century Kolkata. It is a study of the major types of representation in Bengali, in the print (published literature) and audio-visual (songs, dramatic performances, paintings, etc.) media—as they reflect the patterns of behavior and attitudes acquired from the past by the respective socio-economic groups, and as well as their responses to the social trends of the period.

Mode of Transport in Kolkata

Transport facilities are one of the most important factors for a place to grow up. For a metropolitian city like Kolkata, where lakhs of people are on road transportation inside the city is really a big deal. Here are informations about transportations inside Kolkata. Read this article to explore more.

Climate and Geographical conditions of Kolkata, West Bengal

Kolkata is the state capital of West Bengal and it was also the capital of India during the British rule. Kolkata has a tropical wet and dry climate. Know about the climatic conditions of Kolkata as well as the geography of Kolkata by reading this article.

History and informations about Kolkata

Kolkata is the current capital of West Bengal. Previously during the British rule in India it was also the capital of India but due to some conspiracy the capital was changed. There are many things to know about this joyful city. Kolkata was also the capital of India once and it was the centre of the Indian Independence movement. Read this article and know about the history of Kolkata(Calcutta).
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